Being Mindful to Keep Snow Clear from Critical Areas

Every Winter is different. Some years, us New Englanders flirt with record snowfall totals as the Winter progresses. Other years, the most snow-hearty of us are disappointed in the lack of this white stuff. No matter where we fall on the ‘snow lover scale’, falling snow can easily drive us batty before, during, and after […]

A Holiday Disaster!!

  This is a joyous time of year for many of us.   In fact, it is not far-fetched to say that for many people, the Holiday Season late in the calendar is their favorite time of year (though mine is the 4th of July, perhaps I am an anomaly??). Through the diverse array of any of the […]

Do You Enjoy Shoveling Snow?

  I am not sure I have ever asked a more rhetorical question to open up any home improvement snippet I have written. Though my Dad always said that he enjoyed shoveling snow because of the workout it provides.   I am not sure if he euphemistically looks at it that way in order to motivate himself to conquer […]

How Cold is TOO Cold to Paint Outside???

  One of the questions that I can bank on getting overwhelmed with like clockwork at certain periods of the year is, “How cold is TOO cold to paint outside?”     If you were to ask this question of almost any painter, contractor, paint supplier and the like, you would most likely get very […]

Recognizing Winter Damage to the Exterior of your Home

  There is no question that the winter we have just experienced in New England has been amongst the most miserable in recent memory. Between varying amounts of snow (…and predicted snow!!), frigid temperatures, and the sheer time period that winter has seemingly dragged on for, the exterior of our homes have certainly been put […]