Do You Enjoy Shoveling Snow?


I am not sure I have ever asked a more rhetorical question to open up any home improvement snippet I have written.

Though my Dad always said that he enjoyed shoveling snow because of the workout it provides.


I am not sure if he euphemistically looks at it that way in order to motivate himself to conquer the task at hand or if he really does enjoy the test it provides his body, especially with the heavier types of snow.

If he does indeed like doing it, I would venture to guess he would be in the minority vs. the majority of folks that begrudgingly stare this daunting task in the eye, each time it is presented in front of them.





I, for one, certainly do NOT enjoy shoveling snow (not even close!).








Although I will agree that there is a distinct sense of accomplishment, once you have worked hard for a while carving out paths around your home (even if sometimes this sense is short-lived once the snowplow comes trucking down your street!).


Regardless of the emotions you feel every time a path needs to be shoveled, the fact remains that the path still needs to be shoveled.


Coming to this realization, there are 2 things that can happen:

You could shovel yourself
You could have someone else do it


If you do tackle the task yourself, it is important to:

Keep your feet spread the same distance as your hips
Use your legs as much as possible by bending your knees and keeping your back straight
Try your best not to twist your upper body when shoveling
Be sure to shovel small bits at a time, and do not overdue the amount on your shovel
Stay hydrated – as you may already know, this is quite the workout!


If you do elect to have someone else do it, make sure that you are very clear on what is & what is not being done and the methodology that is involved while doing it.


As an example, LOPCO Contracting does not plow driveways.


We will, however, shovel someone out through use of shoveling and/or a snowblower

(if you would ever like to talk to us about getting on our service this list for this, please reach out to our office).


If you are anything like me, you will acknowledge that shoveling snow is not easy, nor fun (sorry Dad!!).

Unfortunately, living in New England, each time a “shovelable” snowfall hits, our options are fairly limited in terms of how to combat it!

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