A Holiday Disaster!!

A Holiday Disaster!!


This is a joyous time of year for many of us.


In fact, it is not far-fetched to say that for many people, the Holiday Season late in the calendar is their favorite time of year (though mine is the 4th of July, perhaps I am an anomaly??).

Through the diverse array of any of the number of Holidays folks may celebrate this time of year, things may happen that those celebrating may not have counted on occurring and therefore putting an unplanned on twist to Holiday celebrations.


In this instance, I am not necessarily referring to medical or life-threatening related occurrences, although those could certainly be relevant to this type of conversation as well.

I am referring to crazy things that may happen around the home.



It could be that cousin of yours whose brilliant idea it was to deep fry a turkey in the garage and subsequently sets the garage on fire.

It could be your niece/nephew/grandchild, etc. that used an entire roll of toilet paper while using the upstairs bathroom and subsequently floods out the Kitchen downstairs below it.

It could even be that tech-savvy relative that gets overly ambitious with that new drone they just got for a gift, and accidentally flies it through that brand new window you just installed.



Whatever the case may be, these types of incidents can lead to costly property disasters.





Many moons from now, you may be able to look back and laugh at the family cat who decided to chew through the Christmas Tree wires and unintentionally lit the tree on fire.







You may currently be chuckling as you are reading through these examples or you may not be, depending on how much any of these unfortunate scenarios are applicable to experiences that you have lived through!

If you do happen to live through any of these happenings that may someday make a great story, but in the meantime are an annoying inconvenience, feel free to keep this column handy,  reach out to our office (you can even simply schedule a conversation to talk to me about the issue by clicking the link below), and we will be happy to guide you through putting things back together as efficiently as possible.


Disaster-free or not, we sincerely would like to wish ALL of our family, friends, clients, and colleagues the happiest of Holiday Seasons!!


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