Recognizing Winter Damage to the Exterior of your Home

Recognizing Winter Damage to the Exterior of your Home


There is no question that the winter we have just experienced in New England has been amongst the most miserable in recent memory.

Between varying amounts of snow (…and predicted snow!!), frigid temperatures, and the sheer time period that winter has seemingly dragged on for, the exterior of our homes have certainly been put to the test!

One of the by-products of just how extreme the weather has been, is that unless there was damage done on their interiors (from an ice dam, etc.), New Englanders more than likely have not been able to take note of things happening to their exteriors, if for no other reason than not being able to fully access their exterior perimeter due to the conditions around it.

Now that the snow has melted away, it is time to walk around our homes and assess the impact this dreary winter has incurred.

As we venture around our properties, there are certain things we should key in on with regard to our homes’ exteriors; here are some suggested focus points:

  • Gutters and Downspouts – Does everything seem properly connected? Is there any visible damage from ice, snow, etc.? Is there any leaking from any gutter seams when it rains?
  • Roofs – Do there appear to be any missing shingles? Are there any lifting shingles? How does the overall appearance of the roof seem to be (worn?, 100% in tact?, etc.).
  • Siding & Trim – Is there any visible water staining? Is there any paint peeling/bubbling greater than what you remember? Is there any evidence of needed repairs or rotted areas?

These are just a few quick examples.

As impactful a winter that we have just experienced, it is best to jump on and take care of any damage right away rather than letting things linger into more costly repairs down the road.



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