Buying a Home? What to Look For!!

Buying a Home? What to Look For!!


What to look for When Buying a Home!


Recently I had a friend reach out to me who was about to embark on the mission of buying a new home.

She wanted to know of some things from a contractor perspective that she should be looking for when on her search.

Here is an expanded Checklist of what I shared with her!!


  • Roof condition – Start from the top. If the roof is not fairly new/water-tight, you may be fighting the tide before even moving in. Are there water stains that are visible on the inside of the home?


  • Structural condition – Are there any things that just do not seem right from a structural perspective (weird leaning walls, cracked beam in attic or support column in basement, etc.)? Is there any wood that appears as though it may be rotted?


  • Electrical system condition – Has the home’s electric been recently upgraded or is it still running on fuses in combination with old knob & tube wiring?


  • Plumbing – Do all the exterior/interior water outlets seem to be functioning?


  • Insulation situation – Is the home correctly insulated or insulated at all for that matter?


  • Heating and Air Conditioning situation – Does the heating system run on oil, gas, propane, etc. – are you ok with whatever the answer is?… How old is the system? Would you like a home that already has a central air conditioning system in it prior to your move in?


  • Exterior/Interior paint condition – Is the paint intact? Do you like the colors?


  • Door (including overhead garage door)/Window situations – Are the doors and windows 100 years old or more modern? Are they more modern but kind of cheapy?


  • Foundation – Does the foundation seem sound? Is it bowed, warped, or cracked anywhere and if so, to what degree?


  • Driveway situation – Is this OK or in need of repair?


  • Condition of exterior features – How is the condition of the garage/deck/patio/shed/landscaping? Would any of these need to be addressed immediately or are they something that you can “live with” for a bit?


There are so many things to think about from a condition standpoint when purchasing a home.

Although this list is certainly a broad overview, hopefully these focal points can serve as a helpful guide in your home buying mission!


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