Artillery Fungus

Artillery Fungus


Do you have small, black, hard spots that look like specks of tar over certain portions of the exterior of your home?

If you answered yes, chances are you have something that is called Artillery Fungus affecting your home.

Artillery Fungus is a wood-decay fungus that likes to live in moist landscape such as mulch. It is important to note that this fungus is aligned with all different grades of mulch and is not just limited to growth in and around “cheaper” grades.

Many times when Artillery Fungus is present it tends to end up on areas around the mulch. These areas could be the exterior of your home – including the glass on your windows – and your car if it is parked close to an affected area of mulch.

Unfortunately, because Artillery Fungus is so arbitrary in where it appears, there is no way to really prevent it other than utilizing alternative forms of ground cover (stone, etc.).Once it has affected your home, your options to get rid of it are VERY limited. If you have a painted home, you can prep and paint over the affected areas and you should be ok. Artillery Fungus can be scraped and cleaned off of windows with the help of a razor blade or window scraper. If the Artillery Fungus hits vinyl siding or your car, however, you are in a very challenging scenario. Artillery Fungus cannot simply be powerwashed off or cleaned with some type of special cleaner (regardless of what may be read about it!).

Literally, the best that can be done is for the hard portion of the specks to be gently picked off. An annoying stain will be left behind that will not be able to be washed off. The stain left behind might be removed with an ink eraser, but this is certainly not guaranteed and should be tested in a small area first to make sure the finish of the substrate you are attempting to remove the stain from is not affected! Artillery Fungus is a phenomena that has made homeowners scratch their head for years as they have tried to figure out what exactly it is and how they should get rid of it. Although there may not be a perfect solution for your situation if you indeed have been affected by this, at least you will hopefully now know somewhat of what you are up against and how to possibly maneuver through this type of nuisance situation.

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