Avoiding a Cabinet Painting Debacle!!

Avoiding a Cabinet Painting Debacle!!



Recently I heard a story of a newlywed couple that wanted to freshen up the look of their kitchen.

They thought an easy way to do this would be to paint their kitchen cabinets.

What sounded like a good idea at the time, quickly developed into a nightmare.

The couple went down to the big box store and bought some ‘trim’ paint, went back to their home, and “went to town” on the cabinets.

Everything looked really nice when all the paint was first applied…

But then after everything was dry, one could see paintbrush strokes & paint roller marks everywhere and on top of that, the cabinets were not prepped correctly and the paint did not properly bond to the cabinet surfaces.

Now, every time something happens to nick the cabinetry, the paint peels and if someone goes to pick at it, the paint keeps peeling and peeling and peeling…

My heart dropped in my stomach when I heard this…..

To paint cabinetry correctly requires certain systems, products, and techniques to have things come out the way one most often would desire them to look and last.

Painting cabinetry is a rising new trend as the cost of even professionally having them done pales in comparison to what replacing them may be.

If this is a project that you are thinking about doing to your own cabinets, please make sure that the proper planning is done so that you do not end up in the same unenviable predicament as this couple in the story described above.

The two most essential pieces (along with “normal” prep) of the cabinet painting puzzle, are using the correct products (bonding primer & finish) and the technique that is used in the product application process.

Usually if one has disastrous results with their cabinet painting project, it is due to the lack of proper implementation of one of these two pieces.

Painting cabinetry can be a relatively cost efficient way (when compared to cabinetry replacement) of livening up areas where the cabinetry is located and providing a clean, new look to the cabinetry.

However, if cabinetry painting is conducted but not done in the correct manner, the exact opposite result of what one was originally setting out to accomplish can easily be realized instead.



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