A Simple, Sure to be Often Overlooked, Home Maintenance Initiative…

A Simple, Sure to be Often Overlooked, Home Maintenance Initiative…

This is NOT a lie!!…


I sat down earlier today to work at my desk

and my desk chair, literally, fell apart underneath me


  • It certainly could have been because I ate one too many tasty treats during the Holiday season.

  • It could have also have been because the craftsman (me!) who originally assembled it, just was not on his ‘A’ game the day he put it together.

  • Or, the option that I really believe to most likely be the case, after a period of time of use without “checking the connections”, the wear on the chair sneakily crept up on me until I almost ended up on the floor this afternoon.


During the Winter, when the majority of us spend more time indoors than at any other point in the year, it may not be a bad idea to take some time (probably would only take an hour or less) to take a spin around the home or office and just “tighten” up things that need to be tightened up.



This could be something similar to what I experienced earlier today where a simple maintenance check (making sure the screws were tight) every so often would have undoubtedly kept my chair together underneath me.




It could also mean things such as checking that everything around your home or office needing batteries is properly powered and that there are replacement batteries (that may be needed in a pinch) in a drawer or on a shelf somewhere to take the place of any dead batteries that may be found or may be on their way toward dying.


Last weekend I was at a friend’s house and the batteries in their remote control died on them just as a command came up on the TV to press ‘X’ button or the TV would shut down because of ‘X’ reason – normally a simple task, unless, of course, your batteries die as you are attempting to do the TV’s bidding…  


It would probably be best to make a list of simple things that one can tackle before just randomly running around guessing as to what might need some…



(Tender, Love, and Care).

The list could serve as a road map for all those pain in the rear things that would be nice to catch before they influenced something annoying to happen that could have been prevented with a simple maintenance tweak beforehand.

For, from personal experience, it is much better to have an extra battery for the smoke detector on hand & a step ladder for reaching it BEFORE the annoying ‘beep’ starts to occur that so many of us have experienced in the past!!


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