What in the WORLD is the Purpose of Shutters???

What in the WORLD is the Purpose of Shutters???


Many of us have shutters on the exterior of our home.

I’m sure many of us – correctly I might add – also assume that once upon a time, shutters were pretty commonplace and used to protect windows during various types of bad weather.

With the advent of modern technology, what once was a very useful fixture on the exterior of our home, has become obsolete to a degree.

In the place of protection from shutters, the dramatic improvement of the sturdiness of windows, the introduction of storm window systems, and other like advances have gradually made shutters a non-factor when it comes to protection from storms.

This is so much so the case that actual functional shutter systems that remain from a time where they WERE extraordinarily useful are still maintained in many capacities because of their aesthetics.


Believe it or not, this is pretty much the only purpose for any type of shutters these days.


Even if they are fully functional, I’m not sure if I have ever seen anyone over the 25 years I have been in business use them as protection from an approaching storm.

These days, shutters are typically made out of vinyl or plastic, though there are quite a number of wood shutters bought & installed on a yearly basis.


These shutters are purely decorative as they often add an accent color to the home.

When they are on someone’s home, they are always (with VERY few exceptions) hung on the front of the home.

Many times they are also hung on whatever side is visible from the street.

Not as common, but still done, are when someone hangs the shutters all the way around their home.





For someone that would like to get ultra-creative (and does not mind making a bit of an investment), wood shutters with custom wood “cut-outs” can be done that reflect the personality of the Client.




We had a Client spend in excess of $8000 not too long ago to have new wood shutters made with a custom “cut-out” of an anchor. He was a person that loved being on the water and captaining his own boat. The shutters were placed all around his home.

Although once upon a time they were an extraordinarily useful component to a home’s storm defense system, today they are, in well above 99% of the occasions, used as decorative pieces to liven up the exterior look of your home.




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