Converting a "Normal" Closet to a "Laundry" Closet

Converting a “Normal” Closet to a “Laundry” Closet

Every once in a while, I see certain trends emerge through conversations I have with potential Clients.

One of the more popular recent ideas that have been the basis of quite a number of discussions, have been desires to convert a “normal” closet to a “laundry” closet which would house a washer and dryer unit as well as perhaps some shelving, etc.

There could be a number of reasons for folks exploring the idea as to whether this makes sense to do or not and what it ultimately takes to execute the conversion is a bit more involved than many folks realize.

Most of the time, people look into a project like this to make things “easier” for them.

It could be for an immediate concern or preparation for the future.


Converting a "Normal" Closet to a "Laundry" Closet

This type of undertaking may be for someone that is working to make things a bit more convenient as they age, due to a developing health challenge, or simply because they are just plain sick and tired of having to go “all the way” into the basement every time they want to do the laundry.

Whatever the reasoning, the act of pulling off the conversion typically requires several trades.

An electrician will be needed to run a dedicated circuit to enable the new closet to have the proper juice it needs to function appropriately and then the actual receptacles for the appliances need to be installed (as well as if the person would like any additional outlets added).

A plumber would obviously be necessary to perform the behind the scenes (rough) plumbing that is needed in order to make things happen as well as properly conduct the plumbing finish connections.


Converting a "Normal" Closet to a "Laundry" Closet

A carpenter would most likely be needed to modify the existing closet to accept the new use as a laundry area.

A roofer may be needed, if any venting were being incorporated, in order to properly integrate a vent hood on the roof to allow any venting to make its way outside (assuming this was needed).

Someone skilled in drywall and plaster/joint compound might be required to help make the space look as if it had always been set up the way it is being prepared for.

A painter could be needed to make sure all finishes are properly done through completion.

In some cases, a flooring specialist may have to be called in to work the flooring on the inside and outside of the closet and ensure that the flooring areas are all finished the way they should be.


Converting a "Normal" Closet to a "Laundry" Closet

Finally, after all this, the space is ready to accept the washer and dryer appliances.

Every situation is definitely different.

Rarely, sometimes things really are as simple as running a few connections and the new space being good to go.

This truly is the exception rather that the rule however, at least in my experience.

When converting a closet to a laundry area, the majority of the times the project is very involved with many of these layers intertwined within it.

Although an operation like this can become a bit intricate, when complete, it can absolutely make a huge difference in someone’s life no matter if for luxury or necessity!


Converting a "Normal" Closet to a "Laundry" Closet

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