When is the Best Time of Year to Clean Out Your Gutters??

When is the Best Time of Year to Clean Out Your Gutters??

As Fall creeps in across New England,

I believe many would agree, it is truly a blessing to be able to take in the beauty of the colorful foliage that takes shape in the process.

The gorgeous patterns of brilliant Autumn colors can absolutely be a breathtaking sight to anyone who is able to take them in.

With this annual passage of seasons, comes another yearly event that is typically not as pleasant.

As these magnificent leaves begin to fall, they end up in every place imaginable (if you have ever had the pleasure of manually raking leaves, for any length of time, I am sure you would agree!).

Among the places where folks really would prefer the leaves NOT land is in the gutter systems of our homes and businesses.

Although this can be a fairly preventable thing to occur by utilizing an appropriate gutter debris protection system (I personally recommend the GutterBrush system), if this type of system is not in place, one should have a plan for cleaning out all of this annoying buildup!


The big question obviously would be,

“When is the best time of year to clean out your gutters?”

Believe it or not, the answer may not be clear cut.

If a gutter debris protection system is not in place,

I recommend cleaning out your gutter systems twice per year

Once in the Fall & Once in the Spring.

I also recommend not simply picking out the leaves that may have fell inside the gutter systems, I believe that the gutter systems should be flushed each time the gutters are cleaned out as well.

The gutter system can be flushed by running water through the gutter system through use of a garden hose.

It is EXTREMELY important to make sure that the water flows freely through the downspouts and any clogs that may exist are freed up and removed entirely – even if it means completely disassembling the downspouts in order to do so.

Timing can be challenging as sometimes the leaves are not completely down until sometime in December, where overnight temperatures can make it a bit more difficult to flush the systems if any moisture in the gutters freezes the leaves together.

Ideally, temperatures should be at least in the forties when cleaning & flushing your gutter system is done.

In the Spring, temperatures are less of a concern as things are trending warmer at that time.

It is important to clean and flush the gutter systems in the Spring in order to free up any debris that may have collected over the Winter.

Staying on top of the functionality of your gutter systems is critical, as blockages in the system can often cause water to back up into your home or business and possibly create a substantial amount of damage – sometimes even leading to an insurance claim!

If you believe you would like to have a conversation about the best ways of maintaining your gutters, the possibility of us helping you with this, or perhaps the benefits of installing a gutter debris protection system, please reach out to our office and we will be happy to help you out!!

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