What is the BEST way to maintain the Gutters on my home?

What is the BEST way to maintain the Gutters on my home?

Believe it or not, Spring is ACTUALLY here!!!

This time of year as our gardens & yards begin to take shape, it is important to pay attention to those wonderful gutter systems that a good number of fellow New Englanders have on their home.

Gutters systems are great tools for funneling away water as it is shed off the roofs of our homes and businesses.

If they are not properly maintained however, havoc can be wreaked with water backing up into soffits, etc. and potentially causing a lot of damage.


Here are a few tips to help make sure your gutters continue to maximize what they were meant to do:

  • Above all else, make sure your gutter systems are free of debris and functioning effectively. All debris should be cleaned out of them and a water flow test should be done by running water through the system with the aid of a garden hose.
  • Check to make sure that all downspout joints are connected properly (with the upper part always being connected inside of the lower part). Also check to make sure that the downspouts are appropriately fastened to the building they were meant to be attached to with downspout straps in place wherever necessary.
  • Make sure all permanent joints (seams on corners or seams in the actual gutter runs) are sealed and are not allowing any water to drip. If you do have a leak, there is a product called Geocel (available through a number of local hardware & lumber retailers) that works great when painted on the inside of the gutter system at the seams with a throw-away paint brush.
  • If possible, install a gutter debris protection system for your particular gutter needs. There are quite a number of these on the market (my personal favorite is the Gutterbrush system – see www.Gutterbrush.com for more information). If you decide to go down this route I encourage you to do your research and pick the system that seems best suited for your particular circumstances.

 Gutter systems are tremendously helpful in terms of guiding water away from where it is not supposed to be.

If they are not properly maintained however, it is quite possible to realize damaging consequences.

Take a little time as Spring rolls on to make sure that your gutter systems are properly set up and in the position to do what they were meant to do and it will go a long way!!!

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