What is Home Improvement Serendipity??

What is Home Improvement Serendipity??

One definition of ‘Serendipity’ is when you unexpectedly, but fortunately, discover something by accident.

Over time, I have heard numerous examples of this in all walks of life.

Perhaps the most amazing instances of serendipity occur in the medical field.

We have all heard various stories about this type of situation.


A while back, one of our employees was shopping in a retail store, when his son somehow got hit in the head with a bike.

Our employee took his son to the emergency room, very upset at what had happened.

When they arrived and his son went through testing, something did not seem right to the doctors examining him.

They did a bit deeper testing and ended up finding a cyst on his brain.

This may be an extreme case in point, but it is a powerful showcase of the serendipity phenomena.

If his son never got hit in the head with the bike, they may never have found the potentially deadly growth on our employee’s son’s head.

Today, he is perfectly fine, in high school, and doing exceptionally well.

When it comes to home improvement, we run into serendipity all the time.

We actually had 2 recent instances of this!



In one case, we were scheduled to replace a piece of crown molding high up near a roofline.

In order to get a better view of the crown molding, our guys went up on the roof above it.

When they did so, they ended up finding several punctures in the rubber roof above the crown molding.

If the crown molding never rotted, the punctures may have gone undetected for a long time to come.





In another situation, we were at another site replacing what appeared to be a piece of rotted soffit, and we found severe structural damage to beams behind it.

Again, if we never pulled back the soffit, the structural damage could very well have gone unnoticed until, literally, the house fell down.


Could something around your home be setting itself up for serendipity?

I would say, quite possibly!!

The next time you see a piece of trim rotting out, or maybe a water stain pop out of nowhere, try to look at it as a positive sign; for you never know what will be found when closely probing into this area that happened to catch your attention in the first place!

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