What is a GutterBrush???

What is a GutterBrush???


What is a GutterBrush?



For my first 18 years in business, I searched seemingly intergalactically for a solution for our Clients who had challenges with the gutter systems on their home becoming filled with various types of debris.

Cleaning out your gutters can be a cumbersome chore.



Assuming you even remember to regularly (minimally, two times per year) do it, getting up to the height your gutter system is at can be dangerous, the gutter can easily be damaged if you are not that accustomed to working around them, and the task of grabbing all the stuff that gets caught in your gutters and bagging it can be kind of gross…


There must be a better way, no?

For years I sought out and tested different gutter debris protection system methodologies with the aim of helping our Clients avoid the hassle of ensuring that their gutter systems were free, clear, and allowing water flow as best as possible throughout the year.

It seemed that whatever system I found though, there was always a blemish in its armor.

Whether it was they easily became detached over a period of time, they allowed birds & insects to fly in through the sides of the gutter and nest in the gutter systems, or them being too “permanent” and requiring a bit of hoop-jumping by the manufacturer if it ever had to be removed for any type of maintenance to the gutter system, etc. there always appeared to be some type of challenge with it.


Enter GutterBrush.

While far from a GutterBrush spokesperson, I am a GIANT advocate of the system.

GutterBrush is a cylindrical looking brush – I often tell Clients to picture the brush you used to clean the beakers out with in chemistry class being on steroids – that I find to be absolutely phenomenal!


It acts as a type of filter that allows water to flow into the gutter, yet keeps leaves, pine needles, the “spinny” things that fall from oak trees, and the like to keep from clogging the gutter.

It is super easy to install and allows very easy access if ever needing to be removed for any type of gutter system maintenance.

The brush takes up the entire inside of the gutter, making it difficult for creatures to nest and even more challenging for ice dams to form (not its intent, but an apparent by-product of the system, along with its “black” color which helps to “warm” the gutter areas in the winter).

More information about the system can be found at: www.GutterBrush.com

And an informational video I found on YouTube!



I am certainly glad I stumbled upon GutterBrush at a trade show a number of years back.

GutterBrush has helped tons of our Clients thus far and if I have anything to do with it,

it will hopefully help tons more in the time to come.



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