Tips for Cleaning Your Walls


Tips for Cleaning Your Walls

Most people are generally aware that they are supposed to clean their floors, windows and furniture fairly regularly, but they don’t always show the same kind of attention to their walls.

You may have hired some of the best house painters in Rhode Island to give your Home’s walls a fresh coat of paint, obviously it would make sense then that you would want them to look their best.

It is not uncommon for homes to have walls covered in fingerprints, marks from a child’s crayon, or any other blemishes that seem to randomly appear.

Part of the reason why so many homeowners don’t clean their walls as regularly as they should is because they may not know how to go about it. While you can always hire professionals (such as us at LOPCO Contracting) to take care of your walls when they get really bad, perhaps considering these tips may be helpful if you desire to keep them even reasonably clean…

Clean Fingerprints as They Appear

One of the best ways to keep your walls clean is to tackle any fingerprints or other marks as soon as you notice them. Painted walls can generally be cleaned with a soft brush attachment from a vacuum cleaner and wiped clean with a soft cloth or a cloth-covered dust mop. You can spray the dirty wall with a dusting agent or mild detergent for best results, but avoid using TOO much soap and water on most painted walls.

Know Your Finishes

You should know what kind of paint finish is on your walls when it comes time to thoroughly clean them. An eggshell or satin finish such as what you might find on a living room or bedroom wall is typically fairly fragile, this being the case you may not want to scrub at it too harshly with a lot of water or degreasing agent. Wiping away spots with a mildly damp sponge should be enough.

hat kind of paint finish is on your walls

If a wall has a glossier finish, you can usually get away with using a more harsh degreaser to clean the bigger messes. You may even need it too as most glossy paints are used in the kitchen and/or trim and will probably be subject to bigger messes or exposure to dirt & grime. Keep in mind that glossy paint can very much still scratch, so stick to using soft sponges when you wipe up your messes.

Finally, latex paint can be cleaned with a gentle all-purpose cleaner. Simply wipe down the wall with a mixture of the cleaner and some water with a soft sponge. More troublesome spots such as areas with plenty of fingerprints can be cleaned with a paste made from baking soda and water and a non-abrasive cleaning pad.

Even though it is possible and surprisingly easy to clean your home’s painted walls, don’t hesitate to contact us at LOPCO Contracting if your walls need more attention than you may be able to give them. Per usual, Contact us today if you have any questions!

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