Preparing To Sell Your Home? What to Focus On!!

Preparing To Sell Your Home? What to Focus On!!

Preparing To Sell Your Home?

What To Focus On!


As Spring kicks into gear in New England, many people that had been contemplating putting their home on the market to sell for quite a while, often decide it is time to pull the trigger and “list it”!

The “Spring Rush” in the residential real estate market definitely appears to be a cyclical thing as the warmer weather approaches and seemingly re-energizes entire segments of our population.



When prepping to sell one’s home, what should one REALLY focus on?


There can definitely be a bit of debate with regard to this subject as different real estate “experts” could very well recommend different things.


With close to 25 years seeing these annual cycles and working with a good number of real estate agents and Clients over these years to help prepare homes for selling, here are some quick tips that I would recommend:


  • Paint. Get rid of colors that you might like but others might not be as receptive to (reds, dark blue, etc.).  Aim for as neutral as possible.
  • Clean. De-clutter. This is a perfect opportunity to purge and get organized. The more simple, the more better.
  • Look for obvious signs of a potential cause for concern of a buyer – address that old water stain on the ceiling, correct any peeling paint issues, look for any mildew that may have set in over time in a bathroom or other area and clean it up…
  • Do NOT get into any major kitchen or bathroom remodeling while knowing the house is about to be put on the market. Purely a suggestion, but based on experience, many buyers like to put their fingerprint on kitchen and bathroom areas in their new home and for what it costs to remodel these two specific rooms these days, you most likely will not be able to recoup the money or add enough value to justify the investment right before selling.
  • Tighten up the Landscape – Be sure the exterior yard areas are clean, manicured, and look appealing – make someone fall in LOVE with your home as soon as they drive up to it!!


Although just a few basic tips, if one truly wants to sell their home as fast as possible for as much as possible, these certainly may go a long way in helping to do so!


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