Powerwashing the Exterior of Your Home or Business!!

Powerwashing the Exterior of Your Home or Business!!

Maybe you have heard of the term

“Powerwashing” before, maybe you have not.

Powerwashing is essentially utilizing a machine to wash whatever it is you are attempting to wash (the outside of a building, walkways, etc.) that allows one to use varying degrees of pressure to help in accomplishing the task.

There are all types of powerwashing machines that are on the market.

There are hot water & cold water machines. Machines that could literally fit in the trunk of a car & other machines that need to be towed on a trailer. There are super high pressure machines, super low pressure machines, and everywhere in between.

There are models available to rent at almost any rental or big box store and there are other models available only through commercial suppliers.

Utilizing a powerwasher to help in cleaning exterior areas of your home or business, if done properly, can be ENORMOUSLY helpful.

Years & years ago I realized the value of a powerwasher firsthand when the powerwasher I was using ran out of gas at a home that I was washing and I decided (for some insane reason!) to wash the rest of the house by hand. Hours & hours later, the job was done but I sure did make a promise to myself that I would NEVER let my powerwasher run out of gas again!!

Often, proper powerwashing is best left up to a professional, but if you decide to powerwash an exterior area of your home or business, extraordinary care MUST be taken.

Powerwashers often incorporate chemical solutions to aid in the washing process.

Knowing the correct amount of pressure and chemical necessary to achieve the washing job you are working to get done is critical.

Washing surfaces on the outside of one’s property is obviously a necessary maintenance requirement needed to keep things looking nice and, possibly, even safe.





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