Painting Brick Foundations

Painting Brick Foundations

“Why would anyone ever want to paint a brick foundation??”

I have been asked this question many times in the past.



The answer to me is no different than why would someone want to paint natural cedar siding, redwood trim, or vinyl siding for that matter – because they enjoy the way it looks!!


Painting brick is a bit different than painting wood.

Repainting a previously painted brick foundation is different than painting a new brick foundation.

The methodology is a bit different.



In terms of a brick foundation that has been painted before, my suggested approach would be:


  • Be super cognizant if the coatings on the brick may contain lead paint or not, if they do, all applicable lead prep precautions should be utilized
  • Wash the areas that you are aiming to paint with the appropriate solution
  • Be sure that all mortar joints in & around each brick are sound and NOT loose or crumbling
  • Scrape any peeling paint (in many circumstances, a wire brush would work best to do this)
  • Prime any bare, cracking, or overly glossy area with the proper latex primer
  • Finish coat with 1-2 coats of a good quality waterborne paint



As with many types of home improvement-oriented items, prepping & painting a new or non-previously painted brick foundation could be accomplished through a variety of different methods, depending on whom you are asking; here is what I would do:

  • Make sure the surfaces being focused on are clean
  • Treat all areas that are to be painted with a coat of masonry conditioner (this helps better adhere the paint finishes to the brick)
  • Be sure that all mortar joints are tight and there are no loose or failing areas (properly address them if there are)
  • Carefully & thoroughly finish coat all areas with 2 coats of a good quality waterborne paint

Whether it is a previously painted foundation or one that has never seen a coating before, there are many folks who LOVE the look of a painted foundation

Contrary to many myths one might hear, it is perfectly ok to paint your brick foundation – as long as it is done correctly.

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