National Home Warranty Day???

National Home Warranty Day???


Ummm…yeah…so, today (2/10/19) is

‘National Home Warranty Day’.

I am absolutely NOT making this up!!

Don’t believe me?

Check it out by Clicking Here!

NOW I really do believe that they have a Holiday for EVERYTHING!!

When my Office Manager pointed this out to me,

I thought she was joking.


Then when I found out the truth, I thought to myself,


“You have got to be kidding me!”




But, hey, who am I to judge??? 😀


If folks want to acknowledge one day a year as ‘National Home Warranty Day’, I am TOTALLY all about it!!! – most specifically because I believe that we have the STRONGEST warranty in our industry.

We are the only company I know of that has been in business as long as we have (just under 25 years) and offers a 5-year transferable (in the event the property that is being warrantied changes ownership during the warranty period) warranty on what we do for your home.

If you would like to view our Warranty in more detail, take a look at the

YouTube Video I created touching on the topic!

Although at first glance, ‘National Home Warranty Day’ seems to encompass and be meant for appliances (washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, etc.) and home electronics (TVs, video game systems, various components run by apps on your smart phone, etc.),

I would make the case that it also is meant to celebrate warranties like ours as well.

Painting & repair work on the home may not be thought of something that is guaranteed & protected by a warranty, particularly for an extended period of time, but in our situation, this is CERTAINLY the case.


With this all being said, I urge you to celebrate

It is as important a Holiday as there ever has been one

(…even if I myself have no idea how to celebrate it!!!…).



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