Mice, Squirrels, Raccoons – Oh My!!!

Mice, Squirrels, Raccoons – Oh My!!!

Believe it or not, another awesome Summer has passed

and we are fast tracking right into Fall!! 

As another beautiful New England Fall begins to enter into our lives,

many New Englanders will begin to notice signs of uninvited guests

(or as I often refer to them, tenants that are not paying rent…)

begin to enter into their homes…


These “guests” take the form of many different tiny beings – none of them typically a pleasant experience to come across!

The list runs the gamut as to what they could be

mice, squirrels, raccoons

(We had a Client just this past week call in to the office with one of these!!),

and many, many more begin to make their way to

warmer environments and


this does include the inside of our homes.


Once they are in your home, you pretty much have 3 choices:


1) Welcome them with open arms as the newest member(s) of your family.

2) Try to get rid of them through some means of your own.

3) Call a professional pest control company to help you alleviate the issue.


What really may be the most helpful (and this is perhaps the most critical time to do it!),

would be preventative maintenance. 

There are a number of items that can be done in this regard:


  • Place bait stations around the exterior & interior of your home (a professional can help with this as well) in areas that you may have seen activity in the past or in an area that you believe for some reason you may be susceptible.
  • Do a thorough inspection of existing holes and make sure they are plugged by either yourself or a professional contractor by some viable means (keeping in mind that mice have been known to squeeze their bodies through holes that are no bigger than a dime).
  • Find any area that is not an existing hole, but that can easily be made into one with little effort. This includes rotted wood areas (both near the ground and higher up), weak areas in roofs, loose flashing, etc. The raccoon call we got this past week stemmed from a hole the raccoon was able to bust through the Client’s roof. A legit contractor or home inspector can certainly help you out in identifying these areas (and the Contractor should be able to help you correct anything that needs to be corrected before the little visitors are able to make their way in).
  • Be sure that any trees that may be close to the house and serve as bridges for squirrels and the like are properly trimmed back. This is perhaps the easiest way for squirrels, raccoons, etc. to get access to higher areas of the house and start poking around.
  • Perhaps the most simplest way is to make sure that potential food sources around the home (open garbage containers, bird seed, fruit from trees dropping on the ground as a few examples…) are addressed so that they are not luring “visitors” that you do not want into your property. 


Fall is a gorgeous season in this part of the country, definitely one of the big reasons why I hear

from people that they love New England so much.


Fall is also a time that non-humans seek comfortable shelter for the upcoming Winter.

Maybe you enjoy them around or in your home or maybe you don’t.

If the prospect of waking up and seeing a fury blur run in front of the doorway of the room you are about to enter (or dozens of other potentially creepy scenarios…) though does NOT interest you, it may be a good time to try to get out ahead of things before you unintentionally have a home that is serving as a pit stop or more permanent living space for any one of these zealous creatures.

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