How to Get Your Contractor to Treat You Like GOLD!!

How to Get Your Contractor to Treat You Like GOLD!!




I have been fortunate to run a Contracting business for a LOOOOONG time.

This year I will have been in business for just under 25 years.

Seems like a lifetime to me!!

Over this time I have also been lucky enough to meet and work directly with hundreds of Clients and other Contractors.


Through observation over the years in dealings with our Clientele and listening and watching to others’ situations, I have had the opportunity to pay attention to what really motivates Contractors to take extra special care of their Clients.

I am not simply referring to doing the best job they possibly can in-line with what was originally agreed to be done.

I am referring to what are general motivating things that make a Contractor go above & beyond what they were originally scheduled to do, and happily doing so, at no additional charge to the Client.

What I have found is quite interesting.


Earlier this week we had quite the snowstorm in RI.

I was out of town but was in contact with our staff and they were keeping me updated as to how things were going.

We actually had two snow events while I was away (one on Saturday & one on Monday).

As I was getting ready to leave,

we had a Client that we were in the process of finishing up her home whom I was meeting with before I left.

We still a day or two left but because she knew I was leaving out of town, she pretty much paid the final bill in full with the exception of a few hundred dollars (she gave me $6000, there was around $500 she was still holding toward the end).


Obviously, she did not have to do this.


Do you think her gesture went a long way?

Does a one-legged-duck swim in a circle?

At that point, we did not know it was going to snow like it ended up doing.


Each of the 2 snowstorms, I instructed our staff to shovel the Client out like they have never shoveled for anybody before and not charge her a dime.

Not only that, but there were a number of extra things our staff made sure they went out of the way for that were not in the original agreement but that we were more than happy to do.

Certainly, you would have to have a good relationship with your Contractor to comfortably be able to do a kind thing like this and I do appreciate that.

Most situations are along the lines where Clients stick to exactly what was listed in terms of expectations in the Contracts and Contractors, in-turn, typically will do the same thing.

If you have a good relationship with your Contractor, however, and would like to do an experiment and see how far your kindness may go…here are some tips of small actions that may end up with you being pleasantly surprised as to what your Contractor does in return:


  • On hot days, leave a cooler full of cold drinks for the crew.
  • A pot of hot coffee or access to good drinking water is always appreciated.
  • Donuts, cookies, and other treats are typically looked at as exceptionally delightful!
  • Buy them lunch and you will have friends for life.

Smiling and coming across having a nice attitude provides welcoming feelings;

Contractors LOVE working for nice people.


If a payment is asked for, try to work with your Contractor as best you can to provide them payment, this is the ultimate and will often have your Contractor forever grateful.

These are just a few quick hints.




The Golden Rule:
Treat others as you would like to be treated, should be always in play.





This should definitely work both ways and I would like to think your Contractor is treating you as they would like to be treated as well.
Home improvement projects can be stressful situations for all involved.

A little grease in the gears in the form of varying types of kindness though, can be worth its weight in gold in terms of assuring, above & beyond, the best outcome of any home improvement undertaking.


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