How Do Storm Doors Benefit Me???

How Do Storm Doors Benefit Me???

In this day and age when central air and heating systems are all the rage, there are many who still prefer to “air out” the house as weather permits, there are quite a few who have not delved into a central air system for their home, and pretty much the entire population aims to keep cold air out and warm air in as doors are opened and closed during colder times of the year.

For all of these circumstances, a discussion of storm door theory would probably be great to have! – Especially as we head into Spring (…assuming it decides to FINALLY arrive…) as many likely love to keep an exterior entry door or two open!!

As with anything else these days, there are a tremendous amount of manufacturer options to choose from when it comes to storm doors.

There are also a number of things to think about when choosing a storm door: color, style, how much glass/screening, what type of glass/screening, budget, etc.

One of the most important things one should concentrate on is how their particular storm door model will help promote energy efficiency.

Most storm doors are made to keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter.

The multiple glass panels on many modern day storm doors assist in reducing the flow of heat into your home during the warmer months.

Having interchangeable glass & screen panels or some variation thereof is a particularly sought after and discussed option when choosing a storm door.

Something that is often less of a focus in storm door conversations but a GREAT benefit is that storm doors aid in keeping insects (and other critters!!) out of the home!

Storm doors protect the exterior entry door that they lay in front of from accelerated ‘wear-and-tear’ from the elements.

Security is another benefit of storm doors as the majority of models certainly make it more challenging to break in.

When evaluating whether to add or upgrade a storm door, there are quite a number of items to think about!

In the end, there should not be a question however, as to if a storm door can benefit you or not – only which storm door is the best fit for your specific situation?!?!



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