Gutter Trough Copper Repairs…

Gutter Trough Copper Repairs…

Upon hearing the words ‘Gutter Trough Copper Repairs’ you might think what you are about to read next may be boring/not interesting and you might even stop reading further…

…unless, of course, you are one of the unique individuals who has a gutter trough system on their home, that has been searching near & far for someone to fix it, with absolutely no success whatsoever…

…then, you may be focused on reading what was next perhaps more than you ever have focused when you were reading before…


Gutter trough systems are rare finds these days, they are hardly ever built on newer structures.


They were, however, pretty prevalent at one point in time and served the same purpose as modern aluminum gutter and downspout systems serve today.

One of the bigger differences between the more historic in nature trough systems and today’s modern systems, is that the trough systems are part of the structure themselves where today’s systems are separate entities, attached to the structures.

Being part of the structure makes repairs on them very challenging as, in my mind, there is only one way to do them correctly.


Sometimes people elect to eliminate the trough systems altogether and convert to more modern systems. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this (unless, of course, you ask a preservationist…), but if this is done, it definitely eliminates some of the original character of the building you are doing it to.

Sometimes people try to “patch” these trough systems with “lexonite”, roof cement, or some other type of patching material.

Still other times, people try to take shortcuts in repairs which they believe “should do the trick” – lining the trough system with rubber, aluminum panning, or even lead coated copper panning.

I have a family member in the Navy that travels all over the country inspecting different factories where components for submarines are manufactured.

In a conversation about how cool it must be to see what he sees, he agreed and although could not really go into detail (for obvious reasons), he said that there are some components that cannot really be improved beyond the way they were first developed decades and decades ago and are still made that same way to this day.


Lining these trough systems, I believe, falls under this category.



I am a firm believer that the correct way to line these wooden trough systems is with copper panning, specifically made for that specific trough system.

There are a few around that do this correctly. We are fortunate that this is a niche we have become quite well known for over the years, as our coppersmith hails from a family of coppersmiths, that has done trough systems for generations.

Although certainly not something that is seen everyday, it is beyond fulfilling to be able to help someone that did not think they were going to be able to ever find anyone that was not only capable of restoring their wooden trough system to what it once was, but to do so in a manner that would allow it to be fully functional for years to come.

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