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Do You Need Surgery?

Well now, that seems like it is quite a personal question to be asking, doesn’t it?!?!

In this case though I am referring to if you may need surgery on your home.

I was on the phone recently with someone that had surgery to repair a long hindering challenge with their back.

It not only affected their overall mobility, as the issue affected their sciatic nerve as well as their back, but it also had a HUGE influence over the quality of their everyday life.

I asked them how they were feeling sometime after they got out of surgery, their response was,

“I have no pain in my back or legs. First time in 13 years, at least. I have walked the corridors. You wouldn’t recognize my walk. I am walking how I walked years ago. I am so looking to become who I was again.”

I think you would agree, that must be an overwhelmingly powerful feeling.

When they said this to me, I started thinking (which is usually a dangerous thing…)…this seems pretty similar to what I have noticed many of our Clients feel about their homes over the years.

Obviously someone’s health is drastically different in the grand scheme of things than the place where someone may live, but believe it or not, a similar overwhelmingly powerful feeling can occur when something that has been nagging at you for years, is finally repaired or replaced at your home.

Maybe it is that stress crack stemming from the top of that door that has been eating away at your insides every time you look at it.

Maybe your gut turns inside out every time you pull in the driveway and stare at that peeling paint all across the side of your home.

Maybe you feel like you get electric shocks to your heart every time you hear it start to rain, because your roof is leaking from somewhere and you just cannot seem to figure out why.


Whatever the case, and there are tons of examples, when the day comes that any of these types of things do get corrected, you will most likely feel a tremendous load lifted off of your shoulders.


Similar to the example of the surgery relieving years of built up demoralization with their physical health, correcting things needing to be repaired around the home, no matter how large or small, can have a comparable effect on oneself once the repairs are completed and you are allowed to breathe SO much easier!

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