What does “Cleaning out my Gutters” REALLY look like???

What does “Cleaning out my Gutters” REALLY look like???


Since I started out in the Painting & Repair business in 1995, I have frequently been asked

“How much does it cost to clean out my gutters?”

To me, this has always been sort of the Contracting version of a……

To have some someone simply scoop the loose debris from the inside of the gutters around your home, should be relatively cost-efficient.

I have always been well aware that a wide variety of hard working, local, handymen do things of this nature quite frequently for $50-$100.

I have always thought that if this is all that someone is looking to do, then the handyman-route would most likely be what made the most sense for them to take.


My idea of cleaning out someone’s gutters has always been quite a bit different though.

I believe that when cleaning the gutters out, not only should they be cleaned of any loose debris, but that the inside of the gutters should be thoroughly flushed with running water.



In fact, here is how my whole protocol for cleaning out someone’s gutters typically is set up:


  • Remove and bag any loose debris.
  • Clean & flush the gutter system with running water from a hose.
  • Go to each downspout connection and flush each one so that all water is properly flowing out of the gutter system, down the downspout, and emptying out of wherever it should be emptying too.
  • Check all gutter & downspout connections & seams.
  • Tighten up & seal as necessary.
  • Ensure the gutters are not leaking from anywhere.
  • Clean the exterior of the gutter system as necessary with a Simple Green or comparable product.


Once this is all done, this is when I would consider a gutter system “clean”.

As you can see, this is all VERY involved.

For this, our company typically charges a flat rate of $578.



As Fall quickly approaches, cleaning out gutter systems is something many people will be looking to do for fear of gutters backing water up into their soffits/the inside of their homes, etc.

(Or perhaps being a catalyst for an ice dam!).




Depending on your expectations of what a “clean” gutter system means to you, it would be ENORMOUSLY helpful for whom-ever is undertaking the task.



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