What is a Pocket Door?

Recently we were working on a project where someone did what I believe that they thought was a good idea at the time, but then the real world functionality of their creative ambition kicked in and a more practical solution was called upon to be enacted. The center of this predicament was a pocket door […]

What is OSB Board?

In a period of time none of us will soon forget, the late Spring/early Summer protesting of 2020, which in many cases turned beyond aggressive, was a catalyst for a seemingly infinite number of phenomena. From the societally significant to things that may seem like minutiae to the majority of us, the effects were felt […]

Horsehair Plaster

Being at an age where I find myself more and more often starting sentences with the phrase “When I was growing up…”, sometimes coming across different items that we tackle on a day in and day out basis truly reminds me of something that I recall from “When I was growing up” which stuck with […]

How to Get Rid of Nicotine Stains

Have you ever taken a picture off someone’s wall (perhaps even your own?) and there was an outline of where the picture stood which almost made it look like the picture was still on the wall? Although this scenario could be stemming from a variety of different reasonings, one very challenging situation to correct is […]

To Prime, or NOT to Prime…

At times when working on the act of painting our homes, whether exterior or interior, it is not unusual to feel our inner Hamlet cause us to ask the head scratching question “To Prime, or NOT to Prime” as to whether something should be primed or not primed prior to applying a finish coat. As […]

What is a Parapet Wall?

There are some facets of modern homes that although one might not realize it, have had drastically different uses at other points in time. Perhaps there is no better example of this than the parapet wall. When one sees a parapet wall on their home, there is probably zero attention paid to it at all, […]