How To Clean Old Paint From Paint Brushes

A good paint brush has always been a decent investment. Yes, of course you can buy what we in the industry refer to as a “throw-away” brush, but unless the project you are doing is literally a ‘one-time’ event, there certainly is value in learning to maintain this seemingly small investment. If you want to […]

Baker Staging

Unique names which are synonymous with the contracting trades are always fun things for me to delve into the origins of. ‘Baker Staging’ is no exception to this. Years ago, seemingly every time we utilized it, I attempted to piece together in my mind, why this particular type of apparatus was called ‘Baker Staging’. Have […]

Trapping Mildew Between Product Coatings

There is a scene in the classic original ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984) movie where Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is being coached by Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) through an exercise which Daniel believes is pointless at the time. Daniel was shown by Mr. Miyagi a technique in which he should be stroking the brush when painting a […]

How Wet is TOO Wet to Paint?

There are many inaccuracies that we have had to work through over the years which combat viable and efficient production. As in many industries (healthcare, the practice of law, you name it!), when working with a client, situations arise which should truly rely on professional expertise, yet receive pushback from the client in terms of […]

Converting Interior Natural Wood Trim to Painted Trim

Although nowhere near the equivalent of a locksmith teaching a budding thief how to pick a lock, the topic of this article feels similarly dirty to me. Doing what we do, we see some of the most beautiful natural wood trim on the interior of people’s homes as one might conceive to imagine. The finishes […]


Believe it or not, there are quite a number of folks out there that consider graffiti to be as admired a form of art as others may view a Rembrandt or the Mona Lisa herself. This view particularly gained steam in the 70s, specifically in New York City, and especially on miscellaneous train cars throughout […]

What Happens When it Rains in the Middle of Exterior Painting?

Many years ago, at some point in the mid to late 90s, we were painting a home I believe in Northern RI (I want to say either Lincoln, RI or Cumberland, RI) and while we were working on the home, we got caught in a flash rainstorm. It was one of those that pop up […]

How to Prep Peeling Exterior Paint on Modern Homes

When approaching painting the exterior of your home, it is no secret that proper surface preparation should be the single most important focus in order to best ensure maximizing the longevity of the exterior paint coating. Obviously, there are other factors involved as well (quality of paint, etc.), but correct surface preparation more so than […]

How to Get Paint, Tar, Gum, etc. Out of Clothing

Recently I received a somewhat frenzied call from a good friend of mine who frantically asked, “What’s a great product to remove paint stains? Got some on my jacket and fighting to get it out completely.” Clearly, he had just received an unwelcome dose of a paint product he had been working with, marking itself […]

What are Lap Marks?

Even though the exterior house stains of today perform much differently than their ancestors from yesteryear, they certainly embody many of their elders’ characteristics. As an example, when able to be used, long-term wise, stains tend not to be as susceptible to peeling as paint is, which has always been one of the more attractive […]