Holiday Interior Painting Ideas

  Perhaps you have been hosting some faction of the Holidays at your home for quite some time. Perhaps this is the very first time you have been called upon to host (which you gleefully accepted…even though now you may be wondering what the heck you have gotten yourself into!).     Whatever the case may […]

What is the Best Month to Perform an Exterior Paint Job in RI?

  If you were to ask any exterior painting Contractor what the best month to paint the exterior of your home or business in RI was, you would most likely get one of two answers… You may get the ambiguous answer, where the Contractor kind of dances around the question and instead of providing a […]

Why Does the Paint on My House Bubble?

  Recently I had two different conversations that essentially asked pretty much the same thing. “Tom, why does the paint on my house bubble?” The answer to each was a question from me. “When you see it bubbling, what else is happening at that time?” Although there are numerous reasons as to why paint might bubble, I am going to address the two specific reasons why the paint was bubbling in these particular circumstances that I was asked […]

Painting Brick Foundations

“Why would anyone ever want to paint a brick foundation??” I have been asked this question many times in the past.     The answer to me is no different than why would someone want to paint natural cedar siding, redwood trim, or vinyl siding for that matter – because they enjoy the way it looks!! […]

Oil vs. Latex……

Perhaps the longest running technical debate that I have come across in my almost 25 years in business is the discussion of which is “better” oil or latex when it comes to exterior & interior home paint and stain products.   This is probably a subject that I could literally write a book on as […]

How do you Clean Painted Walls??

  If you have painted walls in your home, there is a good chance that you have wanted to clean them, for one reason or another, at some point in time. We have some Clients that love to, literally, wash their walls every once in a while because it is something entwined in their DNA […]

Painting Glossy Interior Trim…and Getting the Paint to Stick!!

  With all of the excitement in the residential real estate market these days, there are many folks moving into new homes. One of the first things that people often do when they get that new set of keys, is to paint the inside of the new home prior to them moving in so that […]

Can you Paint Ceramic Tile or Glass?

YES! THIS CAN BE DONE! Once in a while we get a request to help someone paint (or for advice of painting) ceramic tile or glass. The most common initial question is often some version of “Can these types of surfaces be painted with readily available paint (paint that can be bought at the local […]

Ceiling Water Stains…..

  Ask any experienced realtor how they feel about water stains that are found on ceilings in homes that they are trying to sell, and you will almost feel the realtor’s blood pressure rise and see the look of someone who is experiencing electric shockwaves running through their heart. Whether someone is buying a home, […]