‘House Leak’ vs. ‘Groundwater Leak’

One of the things that I have found helpful in my professional career over the years is discovering what I am really good at and going ‘all in’ on those items and discovering what I am not so good at and learning to comfortably acquiesce to others whose acumen may be a bit more developed […]

“I Have A Hole in My Ceiling!”

Did you ever have a problem where you thought perhaps you were the only one to have that problem and then come to find out once you mentioned it to someone, you found out that they had the same problem, and then you found someone else, and then someone else? This could be related to […]

Mysterious Leaks

If there were ever a topic that I could write about and provide seemingly countless examples for, ‘Mysterious Leaks’ would certainly be at the top of the list. While unintentionally developing a bit of a reputation over the years as an expert leak diagnoser, my list of ‘out of the ordinary’ leak situations definitely has […]

Acid Rain Effects on Windows

Earlier this year, we washed the exterior of a Client’s home and received a call of concern. The actual washing came out nice and the Client seemed quite pleased as the home was now free from the unsightly mildew and mold which had set in and gripped her home’s exterior in a chokehold, the challenge […]

What Happens When it Rains in the Middle of Exterior Painting?

Many years ago, at some point in the mid to late 90s, we were painting a home I believe in Northern RI (I want to say either Lincoln, RI or Cumberland, RI) and while we were working on the home, we got caught in a flash rainstorm. It was one of those that pop up […]

Why are Water Stains Brown?

Have you ever experienced the unsightly effects of a leak coming from somewhere in or around your home? Perhaps it is a leaky roof that recently started (…or has been leaking for years). Or maybe you have a pipe that is leaking or perhaps something funky going on with your bathtub that is causing water […]

What Causes Gutters to Leak?

Leaking gutters can be caused by a variety of phenomena. For the purposes of our conversation here, we will be referring to aluminum gutter systems (vs. copper, wood, etc.). When discussing a leaking gutter, I am alluding to the actual gutter (the horizontal piece of the gutter system) and not the downspouts (the vertical components […]

What is a Water Table on a House?

Any time there is some type of flood showcased in the news, while digging deeper into the event, you might notice the mention of the term ‘water table’ somewhere amidst the context of the story. Perhaps you have heard this phrase in conversation with a friend, realtor, contractor, or the like referencing something having to […]

Unintentional Damage by the Well-intentioned

Recently I had a situation with a Client that was truly heartbreaking to work through. The Client had lost her husband within the past year and is currently fighting health challenges of her own. Since her husband had passed, a mysterious leak had developed within her home. The leak did not happen all the time, […]

Roof Leak Frustrations

  Recently we had a Client that reached out to me, who was extraordinarily frustrated over a situation they were having with a leak. At one point over the past several months, we had done a repair around a pipe that was penetrating through their roof. This repair was beyond necessary as the sealant around […]