How Long Do Toilet Wax Rings Last?

    Before answering the question of ‘How long does a toilet wax ring last?’,… it may be helpful to know what the heck a wax ring has to do with your toilet in the first place…  A wax ring for your toilet is pretty much precisely what it sounds like… – a ring made […]

What is a Drip Cap?

  Door, window, and water table (aka skirtboard) areas are parts of your home that are potentially prone to water infiltration if their installs are not conducted correctly. Compounding their already natural vulnerability as a possible location of allowing water into your home (due to the fact that these areas are all obviously “open” areas […]


  Recently we had a Client reach out to us who experienced a huge flood in her home.   I felt very bad about her being in this particular predicament.   Apparently, her upstairs tenant had been experiencing a slow leak under the sink in her kitchen, but neglected to inform our Client of this. […]

Why You are Getting Water in Your Basement…

  One of the more unsettling things any home or business owner can come across, is water in their basement. This is particularly nerve-wrecking when you may come across it for the first time. If you have ever had this happen to you, you know exactly what I am referring to.   You innocently head downstairs to change out the […]

Why Does the Paint on My House Bubble?

  Recently I had two different conversations that essentially asked pretty much the same thing. “Tom, why does the paint on my house bubble?” The answer to each was a question from me. “When you see it bubbling, what else is happening at that time?” Although there are numerous reasons as to why paint might bubble, I am going to address the two specific reasons why the paint was bubbling in these particular circumstances that I was asked […]

The Magical Leak

If you live in New England, the chances are that you have experienced a Nor’easter, even if you have not realized it at the time. A Nor’easter is a wind & precipitation weather phenomena that is very unique. Most often in New England, our “stormy” weather approaches from the South/Westernish area. With Nor’easters, the storm approaches from the North/Easternish area. Even in New England, when the term […]

Where in the WORLD are these Water Stains coming from ?!?!?

  Possibly one of the most disconcerting feelings of any home or business owner is seeing a water stain popping up on a ceiling within their property.   Water stains and where they actually come from are seldom thought of until they are noticed and a queasy feeling can often set in from there… Where […]