What is a “Square”?

Similar to many areas of life, in construction, words can have many meanings. Perhaps a great example of this is the word “square”. A square can refer to many things. As with areas outside of construction, a square can mean the geometrical shape in which all four sides of this box-like figure are equal in […]

What is Putty Used for in Construction?

When nailing up a piece of wood, composite, or other miscellaneous material, often one of two things occur. If you are nailing with some type of pressurized nail gun, there is a hole on the backside of the nail head that is formed. If something is being nailed in by hand, there may not be […]

What is Parging?

New England is a part of the country where the majority of folks have some type of basement. Contrasting from a good portion of the rest of the country where most people’s homes are built on “slabs” (most often to lessen the chances of flooding, particularly on areas with higher water tables). The older the […]

Why is it so Hard to Find a “Good” Contractor these Days?

Even before the recent pandemic began to take over all our lives, finding a Contractor did not seem to be the easiest task to do. Finding a “good” Contractor, some may say that it would have been easier to find a unicorn. With the advent of decades of students being steered away from the trades, […]