Maintenance After the Pre-Cast Bulkhead Install

One of our favorite types of projects to tackle is when we get hired to fabricate and install a new precast bulkhead unit. Sometimes we are replacing an existing unit that had gradually corroded over time. Other times we are hired to fabricate and install a new unit for someone’s home who has never had […]

What is Parging?

New England is a part of the country where the majority of folks have some type of basement. Contrasting from a good portion of the rest of the country where most people’s homes are built on “slabs” (most often to lessen the chances of flooding, particularly on areas with higher water tables). The older the […]

Where Do Bathroom Vents Go?

  One of the more interesting questions I like to ask when walking through any type of bathroom project with a Client is,   “Do you know where your bathroom fan is vented to?”   Perhaps not surprisingly, most folks don’t have a clue – nor should they!     After all, most people who […]

What are the Benefits of Epoxy Flooring??

  Many of us have concrete flooring around our home or business in one shape or form.   A few examples of this are concrete flooring that can be found in our basement, garage, or shop areas.   In a good number of instances, people elect to leave the concrete bare. This could be for […]

Why You are Getting Water in Your Basement…

  One of the more unsettling things any home or business owner can come across, is water in their basement. This is particularly nerve-wrecking when you may come across it for the first time. If you have ever had this happen to you, you know exactly what I am referring to.   You innocently head downstairs to change out the […]