What is OSB Board?

In a period of time none of us will soon forget, the late Spring/early Summer protesting of 2020, which in many cases turned beyond aggressive, was a catalyst for a seemingly infinite number of phenomena. From the societally significant to things that may seem like minutiae to the majority of us, the effects were felt […]

Low Slope Roofing

As crazy as it sounds, not all reputable roofing companies know what they are doing. Come to think of it, perhaps that can be said about every trade. Not all reputable _____________ (fill in the trade name) companies know what they are doing. It may even be possible to apply this to every reputable company […]

What is Building Code?

When it comes to things that we are unfamiliar with, easing into the “knowledge” circle of things can definitely be quite intimidating. This is true throughout almost every aspect of life, certainly within the variety of niches and spheres which comprise the very fabric of our society. The area that I have spent the most […]

Egress Windows

egress windows-004

Many folks often daydream about the types of home improvements that they would like to see occur on their home if they had the opportunity to do so. At the top of the list, more times than not, is to “finish” the basement. Thoughts of having a ‘Man Cave’ or shifting an older child to […]

Horsehair Plaster

Being at an age where I find myself more and more often starting sentences with the phrase “When I was growing up…”, sometimes coming across different items that we tackle on a day in and day out basis truly reminds me of something that I recall from “When I was growing up” which stuck with […]

Polyurethane vs. Varnish

When it comes to wood finishes, it seems like the options are infinite in terms of what types of wood finishing systems may be the best fit for your particular project in both allowing maximum beauty & durability in balance with whatever conditions may be at play. Two prominent finishes that, when applied properly and […]

Converting Interior Natural Wood Trim to Painted Trim

Although nowhere near the equivalent of a locksmith teaching a budding thief how to pick a lock, the topic of this article feels similarly dirty to me. Doing what we do, we see some of the most beautiful natural wood trim on the interior of people’s homes as one might conceive to imagine. The finishes […]

The Overly Annoying Woodpecker

There are few pests hitting up people’s homes that approach the level of modern annoyances more so than New England woodpeckers. Don’t get me wrong. Termites, carpenter ants, mice, carpenter bees, etc., are all unwelcome guests which cause enormous amounts of damage to our homes and businesses on a yearly basis, but for some reason, […]


Believe it or not, there are quite a number of folks out there that consider graffiti to be as admired a form of art as others may view a Rembrandt or the Mona Lisa herself. This view particularly gained steam in the 70s, specifically in New York City, and especially on miscellaneous train cars throughout […]