Virgadamo Commercial Building in Warwick, RI


Virgadamo Commercial Building

While residential and super unique endeavors are where the bulk of our projects traditionally lay, it is not unusual to have a project come along, in a more common commercial setting, where the owner of the property wants a company to work with that will leave them with a finished product that they will not have to worry about for years afterward. The Virgadamo Commercial Building project, that we undertook not too long ago, falls directly into this category. This building in Warwick, RI housed West Bay Collaborative and Wood Pro at the time of our work and needed a major overall. The paint coatings on its square, block areas had become too thick over the years to have just an ordinary repaint project have any chance of adhering for a long-term basis.

We glassblasted all of these surfaces, washed the entire building, and then, after everything had thoroughly dried, applied a superior, high-end water protectant to all bare block surfaces. After the water protectant, we applied a coat of a quality latex primer and then properly finish coated all of the block surfaces on the building with a super strong latex paint finish within the required color scheme.  We also checked & caulked as necessary all of the sealants around the windows and properly prepped & painted the metal doors on the building. The project was monumental, but the results put the protective coating on the exterior of the building in a better place than perhaps it has ever been!

Other Projects

Each of these projects were quite an honor to work on. The parties involved trusted our company to do a great job and we did just that. Our ability to be depended upon for such notable and challenging projects should speak volumes to our level of competency and reliability.

A prestigious National Historic Landmark, houses the Children’s Playhouse on its property.

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Historic Homes in Providence, RI

One thing that may have stood out to you is the large number of massive, historic, homes in this section of the city.

Caretaker’s Home At Grove Cemetery in Mystic, CT

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City Hall – Providence, RI

When working on historic City Hall in Rhode Island’s Capital City, we were meticulous and attentive to detail in every aspect of the work we were hired to do.

Emmanuel Church, Newport, RI

Emmanuel Church is a very special place and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.