The Secret Power of Underutilized Shoes

Chances are the majority of us have some old shoes kicking around that are not doing much but gathering a bit of dust or holding a place within our minds that is saying that we will wear them “someday” and that having them in our current collection still makes sense to do.

If by some chance there is a way to somehow part with these shoes, there may be someone out there that can truly put the shoes to “good”, if not more regular, use.

One awesome vehicle for providing these currently underutilized foot pieces a terrific home, is a local competitive cheerleading gym in Providence, RI – Cheer UP Athletics – which has teamed up with an extraordinary organization – funds2orgs – to put these gently worn, used, and new shoes to fantastic use!

The fundraiser, with good reason, has even drawn the attention of local media outlets helping to get the word out.

One, the athletes that call Cheer UP their home, benefit from the drive as they receive funding from funds2orgs based on the total weight of the shoes they are able to gather in their outreach efforts.

The funding is then used to help offset the cost of different gym-sponsored, team building events which, in turn, bring everyone more closely together (something these days, that is perhaps needed now more so than ever!).

funds2orgs then takes all the shoes that are raised and donates them to be repurposed around the world by distributing them to micro-entrepreneurs in fledging countries, who, in turn, take the shoes to their local village markets where they set up shop with this welcomed boost from abroad, and take solid steps forward in helping raise themselves out of poverty.

Finally, the obvious benefit is in the ultimate end users, who gain the diverse alternative in footwear to what they would normally have the opportunity for in their places of living.

Perhaps you have never known such thing as a fundraiser designed specifically for collecting shoes which may be just kicking around (no pun intended) even existed.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of this type of situation and clean out that shoe closet or pile of shoes accumulating under the bed and get them in the hands of a truly valuable cause.

Whether it is one bag of three pairs of shoes or several large contractor bags full of shoes, all of the donations are very much appreciated.

To donate the shoes, you can call or text message Cheer UP Athletics at 401-215-7022.

The Smithfield Times in Smithfield, RI is also a drop off location and a drop off can be arranged there by calling 401-232-9600.

Or if you were to reach out to us at LOPCO Contracting at 401-270-2664, we can help to arrange for the shoes to reach the folks at Cheer UP Athletics as well.

Thank you for any help you could provide as well as anything you might be able to do to help spread the word about this absolutely wonderful fundraiser!

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