The Purpose Of An Astragal

Imagine a big door, like the one you use to enter a school or a store. Sometimes, these doors are extra big and have two parts that swing open in the middle. These are called ‘double doors’.

Now, imagine that the two parts of the door meet in the middle. There’s a little space where they touch. This is where an astragal comes into play.

An astragal is a special thing used in construction to make sure those double doors work well and keep things inside safe and cozy. It’s like a guardian for the doors.

How it does this:

Guarding the Gap: When you have double doors, they need to meet in the middle to close properly. But there’s a small gap between them, like the space between your two front teeth. This gap can let in cold air, rain, or even bugs. An astragal is like a superhero cape that covers this gap. It seals the space and keeps the outside things from coming inside.

Keeping Warm and Dry: During winter, you want your home or commercial property to stay warm. The astragal helps with that. It keeps the cold air outside and the warm air inside. It’s like wearing a warm coat on a chilly day. In the rain, it’s like an umbrella for the doors. It stops the raindrops from getting in and making the floor wet.

Security Buddy: Astragals are also great at security. They make it harder for folks who do not have the best of intentions to try and push the doors open. It’s like having a secret lock that only the people who should be inside can open. So, it helps keep everyone safe.

Now, you might wonder what an astragal looks like. It’s not very big or complicated. Imagine a long, thin strip, like a ruler, but not for measuring. It’s usually made of tough materials like wood, metal, or rubber. This strip gets attached to one of the doors, and when the doors close, it covers the gap, just like how your fingers come together when you clap your hands.

Astragals, particularly those made out of wood, can also be decorative with a design woven into their makeup.

Here are some common types of doors where you would find an astragal:

French Doors: French doors are a classic example of double doors, often used for patios, balconies, or interior room dividers. They have two doors that meet in the middle, and an astragal can be applied to one of them.

Exterior Entry Doors: Many homes and commercial buildings have double doors at the main entrance. These exterior entry doors often use astragals to create a good seal, especially to keep out cold drafts and precipitation.

Closet Doors: In some cases, closet doors are designed as double doors that open from the center. An astragal can be used to improve the appearance and function of these doors.

Astragals can be very useful.

Although pretty much operating in an unnoticeable fashion – which, if they are designed properly, should indeed be the case – they can be tremendously helpful in a variety of capacities.

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