The Importance of Storm Windows!

The Importance of Storm Windows!


With the technology in window manufacturing advancement today, one would think that the traditional storm window market may be falling by the wayside.

This is very much not necessarily true.

Although when folks do update the windows on their homes & businesses, they do seem to steer towards windows not requiring storm windows, there are a whole lot of people that still have a need for storm windows.



This is especially true on buildings with older wooden windows, where the property owner enjoys the cosmetics of the older wood windows, but needs a little added protection in order to more properly insulate their home, as well as help better preserve the life of their wooden windows.





Storm Windows add an element of energy
efficiency to people’s homes.


Storm windows also protect the exterior-facing portions

of the wood windows that they are placed over.


By simply having storm windows in place, I believe you

triple the life of the paint-cycle related to the windows.



In other words, if you paint your home once every 10 years, the windows that the storm windows are placed over should not really have to be touched from a repainting standpoint for at least 30 years!


Storm window technology has certainly advanced over time.


The more traditional style of storm windows are still available from storm window manufacturers, but most storm window manufacturers have also developed lines of storm windows that are more robust, more energy efficient, and more easily operable than the conventional models.

Replacing and/or Installing Storm Windows is a part of our business that we truly enjoy doing!

When we replace storm windows with newer ones, we typically are greatly improving how well a home retains heat in the winter and keeps cooler in the summer.

We also take comfort in knowing that the storm windows we install will greatly protect the windows we are installing the storm windows over for many years to come!

If you are curious about storm windows, their functionality, or perhaps whether it may time to update yours or someone’s you know, feel free to set up a conversation with us.

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