Natural Wood Cabinetry Refinishing & Restoration


As cabinetry ages, whether it is in the Kitchen, Bathroom, or another room, it typically begins to show the signs of wear and tear.

This is especially true if it is cabinetry that gets a good amount of use.

Assuming this occurs and the owner of the cabinetry grows a bit concerned of this happening, a tough decision is often involved at this time.

Should the cabinets be replaced?

Should the cabinets be repainted?

Should the cabinets be refaced?


Or, along the lines of what I personally have found to be the most gratifying solution, should the cabinets be refinished?

Certainly, any of these options could be a great choice.

Replacing the cabinets provides the “sky’s the limit” type of option as you could really take this anywhere you wanted with regard to what the cabinets are replaced with.

Repainting the cabinets, if done correctly, could change the entire look of the room they are located in and provides its own “WOW!!”-factor.

Refacing the cabinets is a nice option, though probably my least favorite (although they absolutely may come out awesome, I am just not particularly a fan…).

This brings us to refinishing.

From a cost perspective, assuming we are, minimally, having a conversation about “good” cabinetry, it is most in-line with the painting systems we would utilize when painting cabinetry, possibly a little bit more.

Restoring natural wood cabinetry typically would cost a lot less than replacing them, but is usually a bit more than refacing them.

Why do I like the refinishing option so much?
That is actually a really tough question to answer.

Maybe it is solely the purist in me.

I love when our craftspeople can take something that is seemingly worn out and with a bit of time, energy, and effort, literally resurrect things to brand spanking new fashion.

Even cabinetry that only has bits and pieces of its set a bit tired looking, can, with the correct individual performing the restoration work, be brought back to look right in-line with the existing finish of the rest of its set.

Restoring cabinetry is A LOT Of work.

From the stripping, sanding, and overall prep, to the staining and polyurethane finishes, cabinetry restoration is not for the faint of heart.

Cabinetry restoration is also, unfortunately, a dying art form where there are a limited number of people who truly are 100% in tune with what is involved with actual cabinetry restoration and are able to professionally execute it from start to finish.

With all the above being said, if you are someone that would very much prefer to have your cabinetry restored versus one of the other options available, if the right person is performing the restoration work, the results can be remarkably stunning and leave the owner of the cabinetry with a feeling of satisfaction and pride, that would tend to simply not be there with replacing, repainting, or refacing the cabinetry.

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