How to Get Pet Urine Smell Out of Hardwood Floors…



You may or may not fall into the category of folks that are faced with a certain head-scratching dilemma which can be the bane of existence for some. 


Even if you are not personally experiencing this, there is a strong chance you know someone that has had to deal with it. 


The scenario I am referencing is you having beautiful hardwood floors in your home that have been affected in one way, shape, or form by pet urine. 

Although you may not even notice it (somehow you may have gotten used to the odor over time), I guarantee (whether they share it with you or not), if you have guests that come through the house and pet urine has hit your hardwoods and not been treated, they more than likely detect it. 



It may be something that has been there for a long time and you simply have not found a way to get rid of it as of yet. 

You may have only recently discovered it by taking up an old carpet and in doing so released the reek of ancient urine that had been trapped for decades beneath the layers above it. 


Regardless of how cognizant you are of the odor and for how long it has been there, your options are somewhat limited as to how to truly address it. 

If it is a pre-finished floor from a factory, you face an even stronger uphill battle as the urine that may have been on top at one point, crept in through the seams and allowed the urine to gradually saturate in between things. 


Site-finished flooring at least leaves you with a fighting chance. 

There are homemade concoctions that folks can find on the internet which contain some measures of vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide that many appear to swear by as solutions in combating pet urine. 


There, of course, also are a number of commercialized products that promote themselves as urine slayers. 

The age-old adage of testing in small areas before applying to a wider area definitely applies here. 

If the odor is really bad and none of the home-based or commercial solutions seem to be working, there is the refinishing process which should be pretty effective as to getting the odor out. 


As well as a particular methodology may work in terms of neutralizing the odors, if there are dark urine stains involved, those will not come out. 


There, unfortunately, is NOT a silver bullet for completely eliminating the annoying essence of pet urine odor, there are certainly a number of possibilities though that will go a long away in winning the fight and making it so that guests are less apt to stereotype your home in associating it with what can really be an awful stench. 




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