Power Washing

Power washing sounds so brutal!! Doesn’t it??

It certainly can be. Whether one refers to it as “Power” washing or “Pressure” washing, the connotation is similar…

A huge machine forcing water at high rates of speed onto whatever it happens to be that is being washed.

The dirty little secret of power washing however, is that most of the time, the most effective means of cleaning whatever it is one is trying clean is through more of a “chemical rinse down” process than a “high pressure” process with the chemical is doing the larger portion of the work.

There certainly are times to use high pressure and times not to use high pressure. When typically cleaning the exterior of the home, for preparation ahead of painting or for general maintenance purposes, lower pressure and more of a chemical rinse down process is the most effective.

By approaching the washing job in this manner, there is less of a chance of damage unintentionally being incurred to the areas being washed, water is less likely to penetrate the surfaces at unnatural angles, and paint chips certainly will not be showered all over the neighborhood like confetti.

At times, a bit more pressure is required though – such as when cleaning graffiti (as in the above example).

Whatever the case may be, we at LOPCO Contracting would love to help you out with your washing needs.

We typically use a diluted chemical solution that is aimed at ridding the mildew and mold on your property with an associated light rinse down and just the right amount of pressure needed to get the job done.

The pressure utilized is in varying degrees depending on what the situation that we are in calls for.

LOPCO Contracting is EXTREMELY conscientious about our power washing process.

We power wash homes, buildings, deck areas, pool aprons, and almost anything else that has mildew, mold, dirt, etc. and is in need of cleaning in preparation for painting or staining or perhaps just for general maintenance.

If interested in discussing working with us for your specific power washing needs, reach out to us at 401-270-2664 or CLICK HERE! and start the process of telling us a bit more about what you were thinking of doing!
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