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Historic Restoration Services by LOPCO Contracting

Do you own or are you responsible for the caretaking of a VERY old piece of property? When looking for a Contractor, have you ever heard someone say to you “We specialize in Historic Restoration!” without clarifying exactly what that means?

We too have heard many within our industry say this over the years but we often wonder others’ interpretation of the words “Historic Restoration”.

Granted, different words have different meanings for different people. Some people want a piece of property to look almost identical to what it did when it was first built, while others might want it all to be redone with a whole new look that owes a bit to the original structure. It’s still the same property, but whether you can call that a “Restoration” is open to debate. Some companies leave you with a property that can be more accurately described as “rebuilt” rather than “restored.” Other companies that offer Historic Restoration services might even do a few minor repairs or add a fresh coat of paint rather that perform a full restoration on a property.

The definition at LOPCO Contracting and the very concept of ‘Historic Restoration’, to us, goes well beyond the idea of simply painting an old home or repairing a damaged piece of trim.

Historic Restoration at LOPCO Contracting means bringing a piece of history back to what it most likely looked like when it was in its top form.

Historic Restoration at LOPCO Contracting is something that often encompasses combining many talents across trades to truly arrive at a finished product that draws “oohs” and “ahhs” from people that pass by and remember what the project that we tackled looked like before we laid our hands on it. It often does involve painting the interior and exterior and washing areas that desperately need it, but it also involves much more specialized work. Rhode Island is full of Historic homes and public buildings that are part of the State’s rich heritage, and our team of Historic Restoration contractors is dedicated to restoring these buildings to their former glory and beauty.

Whether it is any of the decades-old private residences that we have had the distinct pleasure of working on over the past 20+ years or perhaps a well-known architecturally prominent piece of history such as the Hope Club in Providence, RI or the Breakers in Newport, RI, LOPCO Contracting has a huge repertoire of restored magnificence throughout its portfolio.

Perhaps best of all is how much fun this all is to engage in!!

We LOVE utilizing our Historic Restoration talents and are honored each and every time we get called upon to do so. Rhode Island is one of the oldest States in the United States, and its 200-plus years of history can be seen in many of its Historic homes and other properties. It is very important to us that this history be preserved whenever possible, and we love the challenge of taking a once-beautiful building that has fallen into disrepair and making it look as good as the day it was first built.

When you reach out to LOPCO Contracting to discuss a potential Historic Restoration project, we first provide a consultation over the phone to determine what you would like done to the particular property in question. We assess the property to determine how to go about the project and do our best to aim at preserving the property in keep it looking as close to its original state as possible. As Historic Restoration Contractors, we are dedicated to bringing back these historic structures and solidly preserving them. They are a part of our heritage, and they deserve to be saved for future generations.

LOPCO Contracting specializes in Historic Restoration services areas throughout Rhode Island such as the East Side of Providence, Newport and Barrington. If you own a VERY old piece of property and are in need of Historic Restoration.

If interested in discussing working with us for a historic restoration project, reach out to us at 401-270-2664 or CLICK HERE! and start the process of telling us a bit more about what you were thinking of doing! We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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