Hitching Posts

Chances are you have passed by one numerous times over the course of your life.

Most likely, you have never given much thought as to what it was (assuming you even noticed it!), nor have you ever needed to.

However, if this were “back in the day”, prior to the advent of the automobile, this object may have been super important to you.

These days, particularly those made out of granite, hitching posts are super cool features around one’s property.

Hitching posts essentially look like stone columns rising up out of the ground, guesstimating about three and a half feet high or so, often with an iron ring firmly anchored into the granite.

When horses ruled the way, after dismounting, you would tie the horse to the hitching post so that you could go about your business.

While this particular action is of long ago, granite hitching posts are quite common to be seen in certain areas of the country and not only serve as extraordinarily interesting features, but they also have a certain historic significance associated with them.

Horse hitching posts are “super cool” – on many levels! The granite they are frequently made out of is quite a tough rock that feels cool to the touch and can last a REALLY long time.

These posts may often have designs carved on them that look fancy and show how skilled people were back when they were made.

Hitching posts are like a window into the past, helping us imagine what life was like back when hitching posts were much more commonplace.

They are like a piece of living history that we can see and touch. The designs might be different, but the idea was always the same – to help keep horses safe.

Imagine a granite horse hitching post as a blend of art, history, and durability. The smooth and cool touch of the granite, the intricate carvings that tell stories of the past, and the strong nature of the material – all of these coming together to make these posts something truly unique and special.

Regardless of if you are a horse lover, an art enthusiast, or just someone who likes fascinating historical things, granite horse hitching posts have a bit of everything. They’re a connection between the old days and today, and they serve as examples of both beauty and practicality.

Sometimes I run into them in places I least expect them.

Recently I came across one while visiting a potential client’s house in an area of Rhode Island where I would not normally believe I would see one, it actually took me by surprise!

I laughed to myself as I saw it nestled nicely right next to the mailbox post at this particular home, I could not help but wonder if the homeowner knew what it was or if they simply kept it around because they thought it was neat to look at.

Because I noticed it on my way out, I have not had a chance to interrogate the client about it yet (though I am chomping at the bit to give them a call and ask them if they know what they have in their front yard!).

Whether buried deep at someone’s property in the middle of the woods or scattered about a more well-defined historic district, granite horse hitching posts carry a piece of history from long ago that many can’t help but pause for a minute and wonder about life “back then” upon running into one, or for that matter, the innocent homeowner who suddenly discovers the significance of this object that they knew was pretty fabulous when they first saw it, but had no idea what they had on their hands until the awesomeness of this item was somehow revealed to them!

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