Don’t Wait!!

Don’t Wait!!


Obviously we are in the midst of one of the most challenging times that we as a society have ever experienced.

I have been fortunate enough to be on this Earth for 4+ decades and I definitely have not seen anything close to this.

There is fear.

There is uncertainty.

There is awkwardness.

From the way in which we interact with each other as we venture out when going to get groceries to the way in which we plan for events in the coming months, it seems as though there is a whole lot of natural uncertainty of what the correct way in approaching things really is.

We are certainly experiencing this as a business as we are continually working to figure out the best way to operate with the tasks that are placed in front of us to accomplish.



Major adjustments have had to have been made in the way we function in the field in order to best fall in-line with the recommended guidelines of being able to get things done in the workplace.

As strange as it may seem, we have not had to change things too much when discussing various projects with folks, other than the social distancing aspect of things; we still initially have conversations over the phone concerning potential projects and are able to provide solid pricing in the majority of circumstances, and even though our on-site visits may be slightly different than they traditionally have been, we still have been able to carefully continue to book work for the coming months.


Eventually, we WILL get through all of this!!





I believe we are a resilient people that, overall, know how to get through the toughest of circumstances together.

The challenge that I do see coming down the pike, is the problem from a project booking standpoint.

If someone wants a project done this year, whatever that may mean and depending on how everything plays out, they may have a VERY limited amount of time to get it done in.

We are already heading toward mid-April.

Although specific types of projects may not be able to occur right now, I can say that our own schedule is becoming a bit compacted because of everything that is going on.

Folks that are already in queue are good, their project will be able to get in there, if we have not started it already, as we come out of everything/as the weather improves, etc.


I am more concerned about the folks that have not

“tightened up the paperwork”

as of quite yet and are hoping to get on the calendar this year.

If their hesitancy is due to an economic hurdle that they

are currently experiencing with everything,

I, without question, understand that.

But for those that are delaying because of a reason outside of that, I fear that they are going to be on the outside looking in when it comes to scheduling things.

Lining up work and solidifying schedule spots is one of the things that we are presently MOST able to do.

It would be great if as many people as possible evaluated things around their home while maybe they had a little extra time to do so, and ultimately locked in timing to get various projects done while the opportunity of having this extra time on their hands exists.





Clearly there are types of work that do not have the luxury of waiting and we deal with them on a weekly basis.







This past week alone, we helped a couple of Clients in addressing a broken pipe situation as well as a mold situation that has created quite a bit of havoc.

Even if it may not have been something that was thought of before, now, perhaps more than any other time of the year to date, is the time to at least reserve slots in line for whatever it is that someone is planning on getting done this year.


There are numerous companies that, similar to us, are able to work with folks virtually in order to assist in planning for things as we come out of everything.


Why wait?

Don’t be on the outside looking in.

While the extra time may exist,

take advantage of it and do not let such a golden opportunity to plan pass so easily by!

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