Does Vinyl Siding Decrease Home Value?


An occurrence that is not so unusual when I am often discussing a project with a potential Client who is wrestling between vinyl siding or painting their home, is which route makes the most sense to go with?

This seems to particularly be the case with our paint systems that, although guaranteed for 5-years and VERY different from all else in the industry, tend to be MUCH more of an investment than a more traditional paint job not set up to last as long.

In other words,

the Client has a tough decision to make.


Although vinyl siding is still a bit more of an initial investment than even our systems, folks looking to weigh the pros and cons of our paint systems vs. vinyl siding are certainly tempted with the notion that they would never, in theory, have to do anything to their home’s exterior again after it is vinyl sided.



My warning to them is to be very careful about delving into the vinyl route,

as vinyl siding can devalue the home in a number of ways.


Any fire department will tell you that a fire in the home becomes deadlier for any home with vinyl siding on it;

there are a number of studies that confirm this …


“For Full Story, Click Link Below”

Fires Become Deadlier on Homes with Vinyl Siding, Study shows.

Simply being aware of this is usually enough to deter many from making the plunge into vinyl.

If that were not enough though, there are also other factors that add to the devaluation of homes with vinyl siding on them.

If your home is anything close to historic or uniquely decorative in nature and it is vinyl sided,

any value associated with these often sought after characteristics goes right out the window.

Perhaps one of the more commonly relatable deterrents of vinyl siding one’s home, is the fact that when it eventually is time to put the home in question on the market for sale and it is vinyl sided, one significantly limits their potential pool of buyers with the vinyl siding.

The reasoning behind this is if your home is vinyl sided, you better hope that whomever is thinking about buying it is ultra-into the way the vinyl siding looks.

If the home is not vinyl sided, the prospective buyer could always vinyl it themselves if they wanted to, they could change the color more easily, and in general make the exterior of the place more in-line with how they ideally would like it vs. being held hostage in terms of the options of what they may or may not be able to do with it if it is vinyled.


At the end of the day, if someone deep down wants to vinyl their home, ultimately they will most likely do so and not think twice about it…until the day when one of these scenarios (or others like it) that were laid out comes to fruition and then the decision to go the vinyl route will obviously be WAY past too late…


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