What is a Public Adjuster?

One of the more frustrating experiences that one can work through is that of dealing with a homeowners insurance claim. The ironic part about this of course is the endless array of commercials that one sees from the various insurance companies touting their wares through creative marketing, celebrity appearances, and a whole lotta superfluous exaggeration […]


  Recently we had a Client reach out to us who experienced a huge flood in her home.   I felt very bad about her being in this particular predicament.   Apparently, her upstairs tenant had been experiencing a slow leak under the sink in her kitchen, but neglected to inform our Client of this. […]

Why You are Getting Water in Your Basement…

  One of the more unsettling things any home or business owner can come across, is water in their basement. This is particularly nerve-wrecking when you may come across it for the first time. If you have ever had this happen to you, you know exactly what I am referring to.   You innocently head downstairs to change out the […]

How to Best Navigate the Home Insurance Claims Process…

  Working with Insurance Companies when Your Property Has Been Damaged!   No one ever expects to have to file an insurance claim for damage caused to their property.   I believe the vast majority of Home and Business Owners alike simply consider insurance a ‘necessary evil’, paying the bill as it comes in but […]