Scared Of The Dark?

Every year when the length of daylight hours slowly shrinks as we head toward Fall, the time of day that requires daylight to get things done naturally shrinks as well. There are some tasks though that one would normally think that you need daylight for, which may actually be more productively done in the dark. […]

Frozen Pipes

Every once in a while, we get a particularly harsh cold snap in Southern New England. Though I’d imagine not as frequently as our neighbors in Northern New England, we still get them on occasion and every time we do, it reminds me how much I personally dislike the cold (I’m afraid my roots are […]

How Wet is TOO Wet to Paint?

There are many inaccuracies that we have had to work through over the years which combat viable and efficient production. As in many industries (healthcare, the practice of law, you name it!), when working with a client, situations arise which should truly rely on professional expertise, yet receive pushback from the client in terms of […]