Can You Paint Pressure Treated Wood?

There is no shortage of old wives’ tales in the field of home improvement. As in many other aspects of life, there is guidance and methods of suggested approach regarding different aspects of enhancing your home that not only couldn’t be further from correct, but also may unintentionally cause pain in the long run when […]

How To Clean Old Paint From Paint Brushes

A good paint brush has always been a decent investment. Yes, of course you can buy what we in the industry refer to as a “throw-away” brush, but unless the project you are doing is literally a ‘one-time’ event, there certainly is value in learning to maintain this seemingly small investment. If you want to […]

Baker Staging

Unique names which are synonymous with the contracting trades are always fun things for me to delve into the origins of. ‘Baker Staging’ is no exception to this. Years ago, seemingly every time we utilized it, I attempted to piece together in my mind, why this particular type of apparatus was called ‘Baker Staging’. Have […]

Trapping Mildew Between Product Coatings

There is a scene in the classic original ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984) movie where Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is being coached by Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) through an exercise which Daniel believes is pointless at the time. Daniel was shown by Mr. Miyagi a technique in which he should be stroking the brush when painting a […]

How Wet is TOO Wet to Paint?

There are many inaccuracies that we have had to work through over the years which combat viable and efficient production. As in many industries (healthcare, the practice of law, you name it!), when working with a client, situations arise which should truly rely on professional expertise, yet receive pushback from the client in terms of […]

What is the Most Proper Way to Store Paint?

When repainting someone’s home, it is not uncommon for them to want to paint it the same color that it was painted previously. Obviously, we do not expect Clients to rattle off the paint formula off the top of their head (a paint formula might I add that often looks like some type of ancient […]

Can I Paint Without Sanding?

Finish painting is the easy part. Many folks say that painting is extraordinarily therapeutic, peaceful, almost Zen-like. Chances are those saying this are not referring to the prep portion of their projects. It is not unusual to contemplate whether sanding should be involved with the prep process for your particular project. With few exceptions, sanding […]