Polyurethane vs. Varnish

When it comes to wood finishes, it seems like the options are infinite in terms of what types of wood finishing systems may be the best fit for your particular project in both allowing maximum beauty & durability in balance with whatever conditions may be at play. Two prominent finishes that, when applied properly and […]

Converting Interior Natural Wood Trim to Painted Trim

Although nowhere near the equivalent of a locksmith teaching a budding thief how to pick a lock, the topic of this article feels similarly dirty to me. Doing what we do, we see some of the most beautiful natural wood trim on the interior of people’s homes as one might conceive to imagine. The finishes […]

Acid Rain Effects on Windows

Earlier this year, we washed the exterior of a Client’s home and received a call of concern. The actual washing came out nice and the Client seemed quite pleased as the home was now free from the unsightly mildew and mold which had set in and gripped her home’s exterior in a chokehold, the challenge […]

How to Get Rid of Nicotine Stains

Have you ever taken a picture off someone’s wall (perhaps even your own?) and there was an outline of where the picture stood which almost made it look like the picture was still on the wall? Although this scenario could be stemming from a variety of different reasonings, one very challenging situation to correct is […]

How Long Should Plaster Cure Before Painting It?

If you have ever done or looked into doing any type of painting project around your home (whether on the inside or the outside), the chances are that you have heard the warning that surface preparation is the key to a successful paint job – both from a structural standpoint and a beauty standpoint! There […]

Popcorn Ceilings

Now and then we get calls asking for help with a ‘popcorn ceiling’. “Help” will typically mean either how to help get rid of them entirely or how to paint them without damaging them. Popcorn ceilings are ceilings where, for lack of a better way of describing them, there are little, tiny bumps scattered about […]

Why are Water Stains Brown?

Have you ever experienced the unsightly effects of a leak coming from somewhere in or around your home? Perhaps it is a leaky roof that recently started (…or has been leaking for years). Or maybe you have a pipe that is leaking or perhaps something funky going on with your bathtub that is causing water […]

What is the Best Floorcovering for a Bathroom Floor?

When deciding to renovate/update your bathroom to any degree, one item that folks often contemplate over what the best approach would be, is what in the world to do with the bathroom floor? Clearly, there are almost infinite answers as to what someone might want to put down. The recommendations I try to convince our […]

Why is it so Hard to Find a “Good” Contractor these Days?

Even before the recent pandemic began to take over all our lives, finding a Contractor did not seem to be the easiest task to do. Finding a “good” Contractor, some may say that it would have been easier to find a unicorn. With the advent of decades of students being steered away from the trades, […]

Converting a “Normal” Closet to a “Laundry” Closet

Converting a "Normal" Closet to a "Laundry" Closet

Every once in a while, I see certain trends emerge through conversations I have with potential Clients. One of the more popular recent ideas that have been the basis of quite a number of discussions, have been desires to convert a “normal” closet to a “laundry” closet which would house a washer and dryer unit […]