How to Get Paint, Tar, Gum, etc. Out of Clothing

Recently I received a somewhat frenzied call from a good friend of mine who frantically asked, “What’s a great product to remove paint stains? Got some on my jacket and fighting to get it out completely.” Clearly, he had just received an unwelcome dose of a paint product he had been working with, marking itself […]

What is the Best Floorcovering for a Bathroom Floor?

When deciding to renovate/update your bathroom to any degree, one item that folks often contemplate over what the best approach would be, is what in the world to do with the bathroom floor? Clearly, there are almost infinite answers as to what someone might want to put down. The recommendations I try to convince our […]

Why Re-hanging Things is Often More Involved Than it May Seem…

Have you ever taken down a nail used to hang a picture, shutter, or like item and the nail that you initially used to hang it up with did not seem to quite do the trick when you went to re-hang the item? This can be a frustrating experience. It may be likened to if […]

2 Traditional Societal Norms that Have Transitioned into Modern Day Superpowers

One of the more interesting by-products of my 3+ decades being involved in business, is the ability to have a chance to reflect on consumer behavior over this time period. These days this observational privilege is compounded by the number of different businesses I am fortunate to own and the very different clients that we […]

How Long Do Toilet Wax Rings Last?

    Before answering the question of ‘How long does a toilet wax ring last?’,… it may be helpful to know what the heck a wax ring has to do with your toilet in the first place…  A wax ring for your toilet is pretty much precisely what it sounds like… – a ring made […]

How to Caulk Large Gaps

  Have you ever been in a position where you had an extraordinarily large gap to fill and you were really not sure how to do it? This may have been the case with wood, concrete, on the interior, or on the exterior, but the challenge was still the same!   A gap large enough […]

What is a Calcimine Ceiling?

  We often get calls from folks that are really confused about a particular ceiling issue that they seem to be experiencing. It is centered around a peeling challenge that they keep having with a ceiling of theirs. Although seemingly sometimes (though certainly not always!) originally triggered by some type of moisture, once all possible […]

How Many Years Do Wood Fences Last?

During periods of time when we spend longer stretches at home (the best example of which may be most recently when folks have not had a choice but to spend longer stretches at home!), we obviously have a higher tendency to notice “things”. Particularly if the weather is nice, we may be working in the […]

Don’t Wait!!

  Obviously we are in the midst of one of the most challenging times that we as a society have ever experienced. I have been fortunate enough to be on this Earth for 4+ decades and I definitely have not seen anything close to this. There is fear. There is uncertainty. There is awkwardness. From […]

“The New Normal”

Every so often a phenomenon occurs that interjects new terminology into the vocabulary of our world. This terminology can consist of individual words or groups of words that no one may have previously heard before and now seemingly overnight one cannot escape their presence. These words and the actions associated with them can be due […]