Do Curling, Warping, or Buckled Siding Shingles Need to be Replaced?

One of the more “New England”-oriented things to do when it comes to the exterior décor on one’s home is to let white cedar shingle siding weather. When using the term “weather”, I am referencing literally, not (or minimally) treating the shingles. The purpose of allowing the shingles to weather is typically to allow them […]

Incorrectly Overlapping Flashing or Aluminum Trim Wrapping

One of the things that we seem to have developed a reputation for over the years is being able to diagnose leak sources stemming from seldom thought of places which moisture can be penetrating one’s home from. When it comes to figuring out from where uninvited water may be entering the home, there are seemingly […]

What is a Finial?

Working on people’s homes day in and day out admittedly provides me quite the advantage when having conversations with folks about their differing projects. Not that I am actively seeking some type of superior home improvement edge for when discussions occur centering around home items which need fixing, this just kind of naturally happens as […]

What Temperature Does it Have to be to Fix Your Roof?

It is not unusual for me to be quizzed by folks as to what temperature it is ok to paint on the exterior of one’s home. Many may think this is a valid question as even the most novice of homeowners would realize that 25 degrees (Fahrenheit) seems too cold to paint outside, but is […]

How to Stop Paint on Galvanized Metal from Peeling

One of the more challenging types of paint failures to combat is that of peeling paint on galvanized metal. Galvanized metal is steel or iron that has had a zinc-based protective coating applied to it in order to neutralize the formation of rust on its surfaces. What often adds to the frustration of painters and […]

Whatever Happened to ‘Bleaching Oil’?

When many folks think of New England, amongst the wide variety of picturesque imagery, can often be found the stereotypical New England beach house. These days, beach houses have often developed into edifices that could very well be said to make the average McMansion jealous. Thinking back to a traditional New England beach house however, […]

What is a Juliet Balcony?

Every so often I hear terminology relating to a home or some type of construction that admittedly makes me stop and think, “Where have I heard that before?” Recently I was asked by a Client for a bit of advice on a project involving a Juliet balcony. When I brought the term up in conversation […]

The Difference Between a Gutter and a Downspout

In any industry, there are items that people not within that industry may mix up terminology for. When this occurs, the person whose industry is in the middle of this verbal confusion will most often become quickly perplexed. An example of this may be say if you were a firefighter and you bumped into someone […]

Why is it so Hard to Find a “Good” Contractor these Days?

Even before the recent pandemic began to take over all our lives, finding a Contractor did not seem to be the easiest task to do. Finding a “good” Contractor, some may say that it would have been easier to find a unicorn. With the advent of decades of students being steered away from the trades, […]

Exterior Paint Application: Spray vs. Brush & Roll

As with many items in home improvement, if you ask 10 different folks their opinions on the “best” methodology for applying exterior finishes to wood siding (shingles, clapboard, vertical siding, etc.), you may very well indeed get 10 different answers. Being in business since 1995 and starting as someone whose primary focus was exterior painting, […]