Exterior Paint Application: Spray vs. Brush & Roll

As with many items in home improvement, if you ask 10 different folks their opinions on the “best” methodology for applying exterior finishes to wood siding (shingles, clapboard, vertical siding, etc.), you may very well indeed get 10 different answers. Being in business since 1995 and starting as someone whose primary focus was exterior painting, […]

How Many Coats of Paint Should be Applied to the Exterior of Your Home?

As I work meeting with folks throughout the year planning exterior painting projects, one of the more intense parts of our discussions can often be the conversation revolving around how many coats of paint should be applied to their home’s exterior. I often have to re-wire in people’s minds what seems to have become a […]

Exterior Decking Floors – To Coat or Not To Coat

When the majority of folks have a natural wood deck as a feature on their home, at some point in time, they will most likely come to a crossroads. The question will pass through their mind as to whether they should treat their deck floor surfaces with some type of coating. Now obviously if the […]

Unintentional Damage by the Well-intentioned

Recently I had a situation with a Client that was truly heartbreaking to work through. The Client had lost her husband within the past year and is currently fighting health challenges of her own. Since her husband had passed, a mysterious leak had developed within her home. The leak did not happen all the time, […]

Opening Pandora’s Box

Anyone that owns a home with even a little bit of age to it (and quite many times, even much newer homes!), is susceptible to the idea of opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ any time they go to repair a piece of rotted exterior wood on their home. When taking off the rotted components, there is a […]

Mill Glaze

Peeling paint can be one of the more unsightly things a homeowner has to contend with. Not only is it unsightly at first glance, but once discovered, the peeling paint has the tendency to draw the homeowner’s eyes to it like a magnet every time they pass by the portion of the home that the […]

What is the Best Waterproofing for Wood??

  If there is natural wood in one form or another around the exterior of your home, at some point in time you may have wondered, “What is the best way to go about making sure it is protected from moisture damage?”  Perhaps you are one of those folks that is ultra-diligent and uber-protective of your home’s exterior and are […]

What is Roof Decking Code?

          The famous line from Forrest Gump, “My mom always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”, can be applied to roofing, particularly on older homes.       In my opinion, to properly replace a roof, it should always be stripped to […]

What Causes Wood to Rot?

  One of the items that pops up in conversation most frequently when having a discussion with someone about painting the exterior of their home, is rotted wood.   Obviously, rotted wood is not something that you want to paint over, it is something that should be addressed in one way, shape, or form. Perhaps […]

Why Does Siding Get Chalky?

  Have you ever leaned up on a house and when you came off of it, either from you noticing or someone else noticing, the back of your shirt was covered with a mysterious, white substance?   That substance is chalk.   I remember growing up, this happened all the time to us as we […]