What to Caulk & What NOT to Caulk on the Exterior of Your Home

Caulking is one of those tools of the trades that when used properly can be a huge help on the outside of your home. On the same token, it can cause disastrous results if used improperly… Assuming you are using a good quality caulk (do NOT skimp out here!), and it is used in the […]

Why ‘ Hose Tests’ Do Not Work

Some things at the outset may seem to make a lot of sense, until they do not. A perfect example of this is something that I refer to as the ‘hose test’. As many folks are aware, we do a ton of work helping people identify areas of their home that they are currently experiencing […]

What Is The Best Material For Exterior Trim To Be Made Out Of?

We replace A LOT of trim on the exterior of people’s homes, most often due to wood that has rotted out. One of the most common questions we get asked in working through this process is: “What is the best material to replace the rotted trim with to best prevent future rot?” My answer to […]

Why Does Exterior Paint On Wood Surfaces Peel?

There certainly are a wide variety of items related to home improvement where if you asked the opinion of a professional as to ‘why’ something was occurring (or not occurring) you would receive a differing answer from every individual you asked. The reason why paint on wooden exterior surfaces peels falls right in line with […]

The Challenges Of Exterior Structural Repairs

Some of the more difficult things to work through while addressing areas in need of repair on the exterior of your home, are those that come along when tackling repairs of a structural nature. Exterior structural repairs present a unique set of challenges which require careful consideration and expertise to overcome. From accessibility issues to […]

Can Vinyl Siding Be Painted?

With a question that seems almost counterintuitive on the surface, we receive numerous calls every year asking if vinyl siding can be painted. If vinyl siding one’s home is meant to eliminate (or at least dramatically reduce) maintenance, then why would someone want to entertain painting it? There are actually many reasons why. One reason […]

Can You Paint Pressure Treated Wood?

There is no shortage of old wives’ tales in the field of home improvement. As in many other aspects of life, there is guidance and methods of suggested approach regarding different aspects of enhancing your home that not only couldn’t be further from correct, but also may unintentionally cause pain in the long run when […]

How To NOT Damage Your Gutters When Working In & Around Them

I am an admitted Obsessive Compulsive. Although there are varying degrees of ‘OCD’ (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), outside of the normal items that you may see related to this way of life with a quick Google search, there are certain things that attract my eye like a magnet which may not normally bother anyone else. As […]

What Is A Cupola?

Falling under the category of features on your home that people often call one thing when they actually mean another would be the ‘cupola’. Perhaps my biggest pet peeve with these types of items is when someone refers to a ‘downspout’ on their home as a ‘gutter’. In the same realm, I see the term […]

The Widow’s Walk

It was DEFINITELY NOT intended to be creepy. And I have no idea what makes my mind go to the dark side of things when I hear them being spoken of. But ever since I heard the term ‘Widow’s Walk’ years ago, my thoughts always have traveled to this vision of a ghostly figure of […]