What is the Best Waterproofing for Wood??

  If there is natural wood in one form or another around the exterior of your home, at some point in time you may have wondered, “What is the best way to go about making sure it is protected from moisture damage?”  Perhaps you are one of those folks that is ultra-diligent and uber-protective of your home’s exterior and are […]

What is Roof Decking Code?

          The famous line from Forrest Gump, “My mom always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”, can be applied to roofing, particularly on older homes.       In my opinion, to properly replace a roof, it should always be stripped to […]

What Causes Wood to Rot?

  One of the items that pops up in conversation most frequently when having a discussion with someone about painting the exterior of their home, is rotted wood.   Obviously, rotted wood is not something that you want to paint over, it is something that should be addressed in one way, shape, or form. Perhaps […]

Why Does Siding Get Chalky?

  Have you ever leaned up on a house and when you came off of it, either from you noticing or someone else noticing, the back of your shirt was covered with a mysterious, white substance?   That substance is chalk.   I remember growing up, this happened all the time to us as we […]

Does Vinyl Siding Decrease Home Value?

  An occurrence that is not so unusual when I am often discussing a project with a potential Client who is wrestling between vinyl siding or painting their home, is which route makes the most sense to go with? This seems to particularly be the case with our paint systems that, although guaranteed for 5-years […]

What is the Difference Between a Carpenter Ant and a Termite??

  While working on people’s homes and businesses, it is not unusual for us to encounter insect damage, either actively occurring or from some time in the past.   Most often this damage is done typically from Carpenter Ants or Termites.     It is not unusual for people to unintentionally use the terms ‘Carpenter […]

The Dirty Little Secret About Solid Deck Stain…

  Earlier this past week I was watching a video of a Contractor, talking about how excited they were about applying a solid deck stain to a deck in the backyard of one of their Clients’ homes. They could not wait until they applied it to the deck surfaces (which had previously been bare), to […]

Deck Project Ideas

  Although the New Year has just begun, I kid you not, if this is the year you are planning on working a deck project into your home improvement agenda, NOW is the time to get your ducks in a row, particularly if you live in New England.   Why is this the case? New […]

Selling Your Home? To Repair or Not To Repair??

  Whether your home or a family home is getting ready to be placed on the market, there is always the question that comes up as to what should be done and what should not be done. Recently, I looked at a home for a Client that was put in a position of needing to sell a home for a family member pretty quickly. They […]

Do You Enjoy Shoveling Snow?

  I am not sure I have ever asked a more rhetorical question to open up any home improvement snippet I have written. Though my Dad always said that he enjoyed shoveling snow because of the workout it provides.   I am not sure if he euphemistically looks at it that way in order to motivate himself to conquer […]