The Differences Between a Wood, Steel, or Fiberglass Entry Door

We are VERY fortunate in that we are called upon to replace A LOT of entry doors every year. The spectrum across the different types of doors we replace varies greatly. Sometimes we are called to replace an old wooden entry door that has served its useful purpose over the decades and now is the […]

When Should You Replace Your Front Door??

  Whether it is your front door, or any other exterior-facing entry door of your home, there is typically a “useful” life component attached to any type of question as to how long one of these should last, before needing to be replaced. There are a variety of factors that play into when it makes […]

The Wonderful World of Exterior Door Finishes ?

One of the more interesting things I learned to appreciate when venturing into the Home Improvement industry, way back in 1995, was how much pride people took in the appearance of their exterior doors – particularly their front ones! I learned REALLY quickly of just how important a feature these were to the majority of the […]

How Do Storm Doors Benefit Me???

In this day and age when central air and heating systems are all the rage, there are many who still prefer to “air out” the house as weather permits, there are quite a few who have not delved into a central air system for their home, and pretty much the entire population aims to keep […]